The happiness of creativity is true happiness

Know yourself

If we watch our mood, we will understand that really happy We feel not when we are not on the beach to the sound of the surf or enjoy the taste of our favorite ice cream, but when we are in a creative state and maximize our abilities and talents. To do this, it is not necessary to create masterpieces of art day after day, the main thing is to invest creativity, the spirit of the researcher and the ability to be surprised at each step.

State of the "stream"

Psychologists call such a state a “flow”: in it we really forget about time, express our essence, do the best of what we are capable of. We make everyday life a real pleasure..

Julia, a photographer, admits that when she chooses a suitable frame, she is completely immersed in the process, not noticing anything around. This particular state can be called meditation, because it is concentrated on the object and creates a connection with it, finding support deep within itself.

Larisa, a writer, says that it is in the process of creation that she lives a full life. At this moment, she is left alone with herself, and everything else has no meaning for her. She forgets about food and sleep, working at the computer to create a book, because for her this is a time of grace.

Nature of happiness

Our path to joy is not idle pastime, satisfaction of material desires and carefree consumption. He is of a completely different nature, of a different quality. Doing something with pleasure, doing what we truly love, realizing our talents, comprehending every action, we draw inspiration and energy in this state in order to live happily.

Develop an individual creative beginning and the spirit of the creator will help a few simple tips of psychologists. Listen to them and you will see how many interesting things are inside you and next to you!

Make stops

Today, many of us live in constant haste and are just afraid to stop for a moment. But the endless bustle does not give us time and energy for creativity, does not allow us to be in silence and ask ourselves: what do I want? Who am i? We need, it is simply vital, to make stops in order to take stock of what has been done and think about what remains to be done.

Very good such stop combined with physical activity. It is this one that allows you to give up everyday fuss and concentrate on the inside. More details about this can be found in the article Meditation in action. Cleaning the house, planting flowers, running, crocheting, or just walking around the house activate the creative spirit, and then ideas, ideas, fresh thoughts come to us!

Let yourself change

We often spend all our money on improving the appearance: a manicure, new outfits, a hairdresser, perfume, cosmetics, a new phone, a bag, a subscription to a fitness club. But what do we do to improve our internal state? We change externally, but at the same time remain unchanged inside: with our old habits, stereotypes, views on life.

Yes, to have some basic principles in life is good, it serves as a support for our actions and decisions. But it is not necessary to completely shut yourself off from new views and fresh ideas. By adapting and not revealing our potential, we block creative energy. Try to activate it with unusual way: find some quality in yourself and try to live one day, acting "from the opposite," that is, replacing it with the opposite. So you will be able to know your hidden sides, and this will provide an opportunity to grow and develop.

Open to surprise and find little joy in everything

Learn to maintain an interest in life and curiosity.. Take a great interest in different things, do not take something as a routine, but look for something interesting and unique in each event.

When you talk to someone, listen not only to the words, listen to how the voice sounds, how many shades there are, what feelings it expresses. When you pass by a flower bed, look at the flowers, on their fragility and tenderness. Admire the power that lies in each flower, beauty and harmony, transfer these properties to your life.

Observe the sincere joy of a child who has come into a puddle: how much freedom, enthusiasm and enjoyment of life is stored in it. Exit to the balcony, admire passing clouds in the form of a bear cub, galoshes or a suitcase. Open your hands, close your eyes and feel like a bird hovering in space. If you are very sad, try dazzling something from plasticine or paint it on asphalt with crayons, sing a song or swing on a swing. Express yourself through actions, open yourself to the world.

Remember that you are the creator of your reality. Start doing what you love, let the spirit of creativity into your life, learn to be surprised and open to fresh ideas, and then you will feel truly alive and happy. Good luck!