The chakras

Surely you've ever heard the word "chakras". It is time to figure out what it is, why they are needed and how to work with them. Try the following exercise. Sit comfortably, stretch your arms in front of you (elbows should be straight). Turn one palm down and the other up. And now quickly squeeze and unclench fists, until you have enough strength. Change the position of the palms and continue to clench and unclench fists until you feel tired. Put down your hands, open your fists and start slowly converging your palms towards each other and spreading them. You will feel a ball of energy between your hands, and if you tune in better, you will feel its rotation. These are the chakras of your hands, small copies of the main chakras of the spine.

What is chakra?

Chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel, circle." This is a sphere that radiates energy from which the petals depart, therefore it is also called the lotus. Chakras are located vertically along the axis of the body from the front or directly on the spine. Essentially, a chakra is a rotating whirlwind of energy, a kind of universal life force receiver and transmitter. The energy flow from the Earth through the lower chakras flows to the higher ones, and at the same time through the upper chakra we receive the energy flow of the Cosmos, which flows to the lower chakras. Each of the seven main chakras works at a certain frequency and is associated with one of the human body. Muladhara contains a survival program, Svadhisthana is responsible for sexuality, ethics, preferences, Manipur for strength and will, Anahata - the chakra of love and compassion, Vishudha determines sociability and ability to speak, Ajna - dreams and goals, Sahasrara - mental process and ability to concentrate .

Chakra development

Each chakra has its own color, and it can be compared to a flower with many petals. The man of the undeveloped chakra is small. But as the chakras develop, they open up, begin to work with a large amount of energy and interact with each other. If this happens, we feel a surge of strength and clearly see the world around us. Chakras are responsible for moving energy into the aura (rainbow field surrounding the body) and beyond. Your aura functions as a recipient and transmitter of influences emanating from the Cosmos, from the Earth and all those people with whom you interact, and also reflects the consequences of these interactions on your health. Bright, shining aura says that all chakras work efficiently, they are open and receive vital energy, providing a positive focus of interactions with the outside world. Working in this mode, the chakras filter out all the negative and contaminating manifestations and transform them into a desire for development. You are in a state of harmony: the body is opposed to disease thanks to a powerful immune system, the mind clears, spirituality develops.

Chakra imbalance

When the wheel of the chakra rotates intermittently, the world is distorted, and you lose balance. Blocking the chakra leads to a limitation of the energy perception of the Universe, to the breakdown of body systems, which leads to illness, fear, fatigue, organic and mental disorders. When the chakra is closed, the vital energy cannot pass through the part of the body associated with it. In this case, you lack the strength to perform the vital functions associated with the chakra, for example, you have difficulty communicating with others when blocking Vishuddha, you may feel unwell in the throat area. On the other hand, if the chakra is too open, “bloated,” it consumes so much energy that other chakras lack it. For example, if the third Chakra of Manipur is inflated, then it becomes dependent on a sense of self-importance, power, the need to control others, to the detriment of the ability to love and compassion. That is why in order to achieve balance in life, it is so important to know what the chakra system is and how to work with it.

Work on yourself

Work on yourself and good preparation allow you to control the chakras and train them. For the development of the chakras, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of their work using different techniques (exercise, chanting mantras, meditation, curing old injuries, working with elements of the chakras). As your chakras open, you become more conscious and begin to live a fuller and deeper life.. We will talk about how to work with chakras and their characteristics later, but for now I wish you a harmonious life. Learn, learn and develop! Good luck!

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