Tantra yoga of love - disclosure and unity. video lesson

Tantra miraculously includes elements of yoga, religion and deep philosophy. The system’s inherent techniques are aimed at developing the personality of a person, expanding consciousness, and the possibility of high awareness of the surrounding world and of oneself. Self-improvement occurs when the direction of the energy of desire for spiritual development, healing, prolongation of life.

Love tantra yoga

Translating various words that are not related to a particular object of life is often translated from a foreign language in the free interpretation of the translator. Therefore, it is difficult to assert with high precision what exactly the term "Tantra" means. It is translated as "continuity", "connection", "fabric", "generalization", "thread", etc. In any case, most interpretations are reduced to a certain identification of this doctrine with the possibility of combining two principles: male and female, awareness of the unity of the world, the meaninglessness of the division into "black" and "white."

The sages of ancient India skillfully used the connection between spiritual development, sexuality and creativity. Because of this, their teaching did not seek to suppress sexual energy, unlike some other currents of human self-knowledge. The course of time divided the unified system of views, gave rise to many other interpretations of sticking to one or another lifestyle. Ultimately, today there are many deviations and varieties of Tantra that do not answer the question of the primacy of each of them. Still, Hindu Tantra refers to a more "pure" flow.

Common Tantric Schools:

  1. Hindu, focusing on philosophy with a series of rituals. It is based on the worship of deities, the study of theology.
  2. Tibetan, aimed at performing yogic practices. Actively works with the energy of the person and his body.
  3. Chinese, combining the practices of Tibet with Buddhism, as well as the teaching and execution of Taoism practices.

Basics of Tantra Yoga

Techniques of Tantra Yoga are aimed at the birth of new life forces inside a person, improving all internal processes for improving the spirit through its shell (body). Self-knowledge ultimately leads to the attainment of inner freedom, self-confidence, improvement of relationships with other people.

By traversing the path of unification of the masculine and feminine, there is a deliverance from the complexes, subconscious and mental blocks. The release of inner potential leads to the attraction of love into one’s own life, which is the cause of the attitude towards the flow of Tantra yoga as an effective technique for the knowledge of love. Like it or not, it's up to each person to decide individually. Is it possible to judge something with deep confidence without having tried it yourself?

Separation of Tantric Yoga:

  1. The Yoga of Red Tantra directs followers to the execution of physical sexual practices, the release of internal energy.
  2. White Tantric Yoga uses controlled individual and group energy to acquire the purity of the subconscious. It assumes the execution of mantras, the execution and retention of various postures, submission to the leadership of Mahan Tantrika.
  3. The Yoga of Black Tantra improves mental strength, allows a person to control other people.

In group exercises Tantra yoga is recommended to perform exercises in a pair with a partner (preferably the opposite sex). In asanas, the partner helps to more effectively carry out exercises for deflection or stretching. At the same time, it is necessary to observe proper breathing with the release of consciousness from extraneous thoughts.

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