Swadhisthana chakra

Articles about the levels of relationships are based on Vedic knowledge, using lecture materials by Dr. O. Torsunov.

In relations at the level of Swadhisthana-chakras material motives prevail. The second chakra of the Svadhistana energy system is responsible for self-preservation, fear and greed. With harmony in relations at the level of this center, the main purpose of living together is to create comfortable conditions. People aim to buy an apartment, car, furniture, cottage. They dream of making themselves secure, cozy nest.

Those who have a penchant for comfort, material success and wealth will look for a life partner in expensive restaurants, companies, businessmen, rest homes. The main idea of ​​happiness for such people is to find a person who would be able to provide them a life in prosperity. In this case, the marriage will be stronger than a marriage at the level of the Muladhara Chakra, but rather risky. This is explained by the fact that people are focused on receiving material benefits at the expense of another, and this makes the relationship practical. Spirituality and sublimity are absent.

Men are looking for a rich bride, girls are wealthy suitors. More often this type of marriage is targeted specifically to women. If reliability and material well-being are important for you in marriage, then this is your case. Family happiness is understood as comfort and enjoyment of each other.

Girl in first variant of relations on Svadhisthana wants a quiet life. She is not particularly interested in the character of a person, his interests and actions, but what she can give her is important for her. The young man also believes that this is enough to live a quiet family life. And they connect their relationships.

People in such a marriage will live safely, equipped. The only problem in their life will be that they, like on Muladhara, have nothing to talk about.. But you need to solve problems together, raise children, just relax together. Children in such families are usually raised by their grandparents. Parents are helpless in this because they are focused on comfort and convenience.

The second version of such a relationship - when young people meet and travel together, play sports, dance or something else. They are united by physical activity. They think that it would be good to spend the whole life in such a joint lesson. Spouses in such a family are able to organize their holidays and relax together, but they cannot communicate closely and bring up children because the idea of ​​relationships does not look towards family comfort and warmth, but towards organizing rest outside the family.

What is the result of relations on Svadhisthane? They can lead a person to serious internal changes. If a person is willing to put up with the fact that such a relationship is in his family, then nothing bad will happen. However, more often people are not satisfied with marriage. They begin to demand some changes and sacrifices from each other, but, as a result, they often diverge, albeit more calmly than in the case of marriages based on Muladhara, while maintaining friendly relations. According to the time, harmony in relations at the level of Swadhisthana-chakra lasts about 6-7 years.

This level of relations is based on one of the lower chakras, therefore they are based on selfish motives, there is no spiritual unity of the spouses, which explains the fragility of a harmonious family.

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