Svadhisthana - the chakra of creativity and sexual energy

It is time to get acquainted with the second chakra of your energy system - Svadhisthana - the chakra associated with the element of water. In the physical body, it is responsible for the rate of metabolism and the movement of fluids. This is the most cheerful chakra, in charge of which are fun, pleasure, desire, as well as awareness of sexual attractiveness, choice of partners, emotions, pleasure and passion. The chakra is located in the pelvic region, being the center of not only emotions, sexual energies, but also creative abilities. Its color is orange (attracts, provides joy), the motto is “I feel! I want!”.

Work Swadhisthana

When the chakra works harmoniously, the person opens for the senses and is conscious of his inner strength. He has high self-esteem, so he does not bring his individuality to the court of society. With balanced chakra a person feels sincere feelings towards others. condition disharmony the chakra affects the ability to stand up for yourself, show determination and protect your own beliefs and interests. This leads to a lack of joy in life, fatigue, anxiety and dissatisfaction. With closed chakra a person becomes lethargic, lifeless, does not aspire to anything. If chakra bloated too much, suppressing everything else, there is a tendency to aggravated perception of the emotions of other people and leads to their own rash emotional outbursts.

Chakra imbalance and body diseases

Svadhisthana associated with the following organs of the body: the pelvis, genitals, kidneys, gallbladder and all body fluids (blood, lymph, digestive juice, etc.). Chakra problems arise when there is no internal permission to receive pleasure. In women, this leads to a disease of the appendages, inflammation of the ovaries, diseases of a fungal nature. Diseases of the lumbar region and its reduced flexibility are common. Excited Svadhisthana with excessive amounts of unrealizable energy causes cystitis, as well as headaches and migraines. Desires that have appeared and not realized due to prohibitions can be deposited on the hips in the form of excess weight and energy blockage. If a person is not able to accept and express his masculinity or femininity, give and receive sexual feelings, Svadhishthana’s imbalance will lead to frigidity, excessive modesty or, on the contrary, excessive sexuality.

How to recognize a person with Svadhisthana?

In clothes such people prefer freedom, like the presence of naked body, so they wear breeches, skirts, tops. They love bright colors (especially orange and pink) and unexpected transitions from one color to another. They go fast and love to cut corners. When communicating, they often jump from topic to topic, like funny stories and anecdotes. They eat noisily, often with "sounding" the process, enjoying it. The work is treated as an inevitable, but unpleasant matter, if they do not find something to their liking. Most of all the pleasure derives from the realization of oneself in the acting profession, the role of the toastmaster, DJ, dancer. Did you recognize anyone around you?

Activation of Svadzhistana

If you have the physiological problems or psychological difficulties described above, it will help you. exercise to activate the second chakra. Lying on your back, bend your knees so that your feet stand firmly on the floor. Breathe in the air with a full chest and exhale completely, raising the pelvis at the end of the exhalation. Imagine squeezing between your legs. Now relax your knees, returning the pelvis to the floor, and inhale again with a full breast. Repeat the exercise for three to five minutes. At the same time, make any sounds that you want - thus you will be free from energy jams that prevent the movement of energy through Svadhistana. In breathing, the chakra is activated. It is also recommended for its development. vegetarian diet.

The spiritual meaning of the second chakra

The most important physiological function of this chakra is the splitting of fatty particles in the digestive system for the renewal of brain cells, and the development of energy that feeds thinking. Excessive mental activity drains Swadisthana. Since the chakra is responsible for the liver (along with Manipura), with excessive mental activity, this organ is left without proper attention. A balanced liver not only cleanses the body of any impurities, but is also responsible for the peace and quietness that we gain in meditation. Therefore, with exhausted Swadisthistan, the degree of immersion in meditation is weakened.

With the development of the second chakra occurs natural and gradual moral growth. The ability to liberate oneself from envy, passion, lust, greed, as well as to use creative energy for the transition to pure relationships with other people, is increasing. It is in Svadhisthana that energy is generated for creativity. The process of creation, realized in a state of balance, acquires spiritual fulfillment. The beauty of the universe is reflected in it, as in a calm lake. If the purpose of creativity is recognition and success, and not the divine revelation of the spiritual nature, the energy of Svadhistana is exhausted, therefore the purity of the created creations is important.

Create, meditate, love!

For a harmonious and joyful life requires balance and effective work of all the chakras. The second chakra is especially important, because it is responsible for relationships with other people, and, therefore, for creating a family and revealing your femininity, which is very important. In addition, Svadhisthana gives you the joy of creativity, creation, expression of spiritual essence, self-knowledge and inner silence. Therefore, I would like to wish you that this chakra was healthy and strong. Create, meditate, love!

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