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There are moments in life when a person despairs and believes that only failures are pursuing him. In order not to dwell on bad moments, we offer you to see a success diary to see and celebrate your luck. Such a diary will be your assistant in difficult moments. It will be useful not only in difficult times, but also to encourage and motivate you to new successes, when you do not have enough confidence in your abilities.

Also, a success diary will help highlight your strengths, and you will begin to focus on your achievements, instead of failures. To lead him is not difficult at all: just every day, best of all in the evening, record your progress with you.

Why do you need a success diary?

When you keep a diary for quite a long time, you will notice that you will have more strength, energy, as you will see that you are not sticking to the spot, and this will become your huge engine ahead.

How does this technique work? Our consciousness is arranged in such a way that it notices more bad and negative things in life, and we quickly forget about positive achievements. In this regard, we are accustomed to believe that little has been achieved and our self-esteem suffers. The society also constantly inspires us that the world is filled with evil and dreams do not come true, and if come true, very rarely. There are many more prohibitions in our life, we have always heard from our childhood - “you didn’t do this the wrong way, it’s impossible, you won’t get anywhere from where your hands grow.

All the negative we constantly scroll through in our heads and thus attract failures. But you can resist your thought flow, or rather direct it in the right direction, if you fix any even the smallest positive moments. In fact positive emotions carry a lot more energy; you just need to let them be with you. To do this, you need to scroll through only good things in your head, talk and think about good things, and, of course, help your diary in such positive concentration!

A success diary will help you to more clearly understand your own skills and abilities, and will show you how to correctly apply them in a particular case.Success Diaries are a habit of many successful people. and they already kept their diaries before they took to the path of success. Keeping a diary will help you focus on your strengths.

Ask yourself the question of whether you should start a success diary: "What have I done particularly well in the last few days?" If you can not remember, then you just need a diary! By the way, the diary is also important because it is a good stimulant for lazy people, they will strive to fill their diary, and this will push them to new achievements.

How to keep a success diary?

First you need buy a beautiful thick (you will have a lot of achievements written down) a notebook with a pen. Write on the notebook with a bright marker the name that you want "My achievements" or "My successes", "Journal of good luck", the name itself is not so important, it is more important to give positive energy to future records. You can insert your photo into the diary and at the very beginning write a small preface to the diary, which was the reason for its creation, and what would you like to come to in the end. For example, the main purpose of keeping a diary can be giving yourself more confidence, or getting rid of laziness, changing jobs, bringing your cherished dream to life.

Without delaying, start keeping a diary right from today. Write down at least five cases that you did this day and consider them important.. Things may not necessarily be voluminous and performed through titanic efforts, these can be quite ordinary things, but which, nevertheless, also bring their own benefits - cleaning the room, reading a book, doing important work at work, visiting the exhibition, charging, etc. .d But, of course, it’s worth recording your more important successes in a diary, and not just to write, but to outline them with a bright pen. For example, after a long search, you have found a suitable job for yourself - super, you can even describe all your feelings and start thinking about the next achievement - get promoted at a new place.

In this case, do not write down only the desires and what else you intend to do, these should be really completed tasks. At first, it may seem a bit strange to write down some things that you think are irrelevant. But this is important, write down any made triviality. Reading the book - although it is not a feat, but also brings its own benefit, adds a contribution to personal development.

Any action that is not your direct need brings you closer to success. After all, this is the key to failures, we believe that it is very easy to read a book, start playing sports, we think that at any time we will change jobs, learn a foreign language or make ourselves a new hairstyle, but then we decide that there is no hurry and constantly postpone things for later. Our self-development is a huge contribution to our future and the time spent on ourselves. Your cultivation will never be in vain.

Be proud of yourself, re-reading your diary and notes, make even more plans the next day and try to make them come true.. Make it a rule to constantly read new books, go to seminars and trainings, communicate with interesting and successful people.

Never forget: what you are today is the result of your relationship with yourself yesterday. After a while, you will notice that the usual five points in your diary are not enough for you; you can easily cope with them. This is a sign that you are on the right track. Think about how it will affect you after many years, what you will achieve, motivating yourself with the help of a diary.

The diary itself will not change anything in your life, but this is a great impetus to the development and movement forward.. At the end of the week, read your successes and praise yourself, at the end of the month also re-read all the achievements, celebrate them! This way you will gain more confidence in your career and personal life! This is the way to find happiness. Now you can not be exposed to someone else's negative influence, because you know your strength and what you can do.

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