Stress prevention

We all live under constant pressure. Problems at work, in personal life, difficult relationships with people not only spoil the mood, but also lead to disastrous consequences for health. Therefore, it is important to sometimes prevent stress. Techniques exist for this set. Most of them bring a sense of balance to life and make you feel much better.

Preventing burnout: ways

Stress prevention

The most terrible for a modern person is emotional burnout. This term appeared in American psychotherapy about 40 years ago. Burnout is much worse than depression. Therefore, it is important to try to warn him. Psychologists believe that not many people experience emotional burnout. First you need to understand how it proceeds and what are its causes of appearance.

Burnout can occur if a person is in constant tension. Most often, doctors, psychologists, teachers — those who are in constant contact with other people — are subject to it. Often a person spends his strength, but receives no return. This leads to burnout.

Symptom develops in 3 stages. First, a person begins to experience apathy. At the same time, he feels that everything in his life is normal. Anxiety and detachment appear. Then at stage 2 begins to show aggression and irritability. In the end, a person becomes indifferent - he is less and less experiencing a feeling of empathy towards other people.

Preventing burnout begins with self-love. It is not necessary to shoulder a lot of obligations. This applies not only to work, but also to relationships within the family. It is also worth trying not to keep emotions in yourself. If you do not like something, you should say about it right away. This approach is very useful for the nervous system. It is important to understand that most people are not disinterested - you can be used in many cases. Learn to refuse and say no. It should not feel guilty for refusal.

Prevention of stressful conditions: basic techniques

Stress prevention

  • Stress also severely destroys our body, as well as physiological diseases. It not only affects the nervous system, but also manifests itself in the form of somatic problems. Prevention of stressful conditions, as in the case of emotional burnout, begins with working on yourself. It is enough to understand that the events of your life cannot be purely positive. Sometimes unpleasant things happen. However, most of them with the right approach can be experienced with a light heart.
  • To start, learn to find a positive side to events. After that it is worth adjusting your mode. Usually, people who do not sleep much and do not support normal physical activity are more susceptible to stress. Not necessarily immediately recorded in the gym. Just start taking rest breaks while working. Warm up, or better still stroll through the fresh air.
  • Psychologists consider yoga to be an excellent remedy for stress. You can not only do exercises, but also relax and meditate. As a result, you will learn to abstract from problems and at the same time make the body much more flexible.
  • Certain products also help as preventive measures. It is believed that greatly improves the mood of chocolate. Some psychiatrists prescribe their patients to include avocados, red fish, soybeans and bananas in their daily menu. It's all about the trace elements that they contain. It is believed that these foods prevent depression.
  • Aromatherapy can also help. Many flavors have a positive effect on our psyche. For example, the smell of oranges and lemons. You can arrange prophylactic sessions for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Just buy quality essential oils for aromalampy. You can use it during yoga - the effect will be much better.
  • It should be noted that the prevention of stress should be carried out without fail at the end of winter. Many unpleasant symptoms occur with us due to the lack of trace elements. For example, the nervous system needs vitamins of group B. When they are deficient, there is a feeling of tiredness, dispersion, and irritability increases.
  • The easiest option is to purchase Pentovit. This vitamin is sold in the form of dragee coated with a white shell and sealed in a metallized packaging plate. The price of the drug is not high (50-60 rubles), but the effect from it is enormous. Within a few days, the anxiety completely disappears. It also becomes much easier to wake up in the morning. Representatives of the weaker sex will appreciate the fact that vitamins strengthen nails and accelerate hair growth. Take Pentovit need 2 tablets 3 times a day after meals. They drink it for about a month and then take a break.
  • Also, the prevention of stress is a sport. With minimal physical exercise, substances that positively affect the nervous system begin to secrete. You can just start with walking middle step. Even better, go for a run after that. So you strengthen not only the nervous system, but also the heart.
  • Another nice antistress lesson is dancing. In fact, they act on the body in the same way as running. Both types of physical activity are referred to cardio loads. The antistress effect of the dance is also due to the fact that they involve communication and physical contact.

What could be the effects of stress?

Stress prevention

Stress is caused not only by negative events, but also by unwillingness to take care of yourself. Sometimes a person is in a situation when he does not understand that something is going wrong. For example, depression can flow almost imperceptibly. Therefore, it is very important to understand the effects of stress. Knowing the specific symptoms and their effects on the body, it is easier to correct the situation.

Under stress, a person may experience many emotions - from indifference and apathy, to intense arousal. Similar states are of several types. Psychologists distinguish physiological and psycho-emotional stress. At the "body" level, the consequences are as follows:

  1. Headaches
  2. Pressure drops
  3. Trouble sleeping
  4. Reduced visual acuity, "tunnel" syndrome
  5. Drastic weight loss or, conversely, weight gain
  6. Problems with the digestive tract (up to the opening of the ulcer)
  7. Decreased sexual activity
  8. On an emotional level, the effects of stress are:
  9. Depressed state
  10. Self-doubt, problems with self-esteem
  11. Absent-mindedness and inability to concentrate on one thing.
  12. Apathy, irritability, anxiety, irritability

Obviously, a neglected stressful condition can entail a lot of serious consequences. First of all, problems with the nervous system begin. Stress can lead to neurosis. The heart also suffers. This is due to the fact that the patency of blood vessels begins to decrease. Because of this, pressure begins to "jump". Stress reduces immunity, blocks the production of analgesic hormones. It also leads to pain in the limbs, joints and muscles.

Stress prevention is the key to health. Negative situations destroy our body and provoke diseases. First you need to try to change the view of events. It must be positive. Also stress prevent healthy sleep, taking vitamins, physical activity and proper nutrition. Aromatherapy, yoga and dancing have a positive effect on the nervous system.

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