Winter is gradually leaving, the sun is getting warmer and brighter, the sky is clearer, and the feeling of life is more joyful. We all live in anticipation of the fresh wind, the smell of blooming buds, the first flowers.

Spring is a wonderful time of happy change, when together with the renewal of the world you can renew yourself. Change your old habits, get rid of negative beliefs, turn over the sad pages of life. This is a time to listen to yourself, to reveal your true desires, to understand what we really want, and to find inside an inexhaustible source of strength and energy for the realization of a dream.

Spring is a time of change

Spring alone

Turn off the phone, computer and TV. Sit a little in silence. Leave aside thoughts about work, family, health. There is only this moment. Think now not about what is in your life, but about where your road leads you. Look forward. What is there? You want to be happy. Admit to yourself what you lack for this. And think about whether your road to your dream will lead you. Maybe it's time to stop? Or turn on another trail? What would you like to leave winter, let go and forget, like melted snow, and what would you take with you on your journey?

It's time to honestly admit to yourself: happiness comes only when we act in harmony with our nature, with what is hidden inside, and generously share it with the world, create, create, change. Do not ask yourself "What would I like to receive?". But ask: "What would I like to do? What would you like to do? What would my strength and energy manifest and bring joy, light, warmth to my life and the lives of others? Where is that which will help me, like the branches of a tree, to open their green leaves and, substituting them to the sun's rays, to grow by itself and serve the world? "

Spring: updating the world - updating yourself

Hello Spring! I am ready to change!

It's time free up space for change. And it will require strength and concrete action. It is necessary everywhere to restore order, to clear life from snow blockages and heavy ice blocks.

  • Look around, go through the rooms, look in the closets. Start general cleaning.Review the wardrobe. What of the warm winter clothes you did not come in handy this season? Feel free to pull down jackets, jackets, sweaters, hats, socks, scarves, boots. Why store what you do not use? This is not the place in your life. Throw it away, give it away or in extreme cases - put everything in a big bag and put it somewhere out of sight.
  • Do not keep the old notebooks, copiers of books that have never read and will not read, newspapers and magazines that are no longer useful. Take them to the library and just send them to the trash. Clean up the computer, sort everything into folders, remove the excess from the desktop, put a bright spring picture on the screen saver. Here is such cleaning will help order in the head. It will give clarity to thoughts and show where to go next.
  • Look at your surroundings: do you communicate with those people? Do you get charged with positive things after talking with your friends or, on the contrary, do you feel depressed and depressed? Who surrounds you: dissatisfied with life, grumbling and criticizing everyone in a row, or joyful, energetic and active people? Understand: if you want to be happy, you need to communicate with happy! It is difficult to maintain cleanliness in the dirty space, it is difficult to smile to those who are gritting their teeth in anger.

Open the window and let the fresh wind in!

And now let miracles, magic, beauty and joy into your life.

  • Hang light curtains, put bright flowering plants on the windowsill, make pots for them with your own hands and decorate to your taste. Show fantasy!
  • Go shopping and buy yourself something from the clothes, with only one condition: light or bright colors. No black! Let it be things the color of the spring sky, fresh greens, sunlight, snowdrops.

Spring mood

  • Prepare something tasty for dinner from bright vegetables or fruits, indulge your body with vitamins and a light meal.
  • Go to the park and feed the birds, say hello to the trees, swing on the swings.

Feel free, feel your connection with the world and turn every minute into a miracle! Show the Universe that you want to reveal yourself, ready for changes and for those wonderful events that will certainly happen. And she will hear, she will call in your life new impressions, new acquaintances and new discoveries. Just say her about it!

With the onset of spring!

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com - Katerina Sent

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