Slow life

Slow life is a philosophy of life that encourages you to live slowly. What rules, principles and commandments is it based on and how to apply them to learn to feel every minute and learn your own rhythm of life?

The one who is not in a hurry

We all know the popular expression: "Slow and steady ride, you will continue." And indeed it is. The more we hurry, the more often we do not have time. Days and weeks go by as fast as if they were not there. The sun is getting warmer - we don’t see it, the buds swell in the trees - we don’t notice, the children grow up - we are surprised then when it happened. To change the situation, the Slow life movement offers us the following regulations life:

  • Take your time - then you’ll be in time
  • Do not look constantly at the clock, and on weekends forget about them at all, listening to the rhythms of your own body
  • Inner calm leads to better concentration and increased efficiency.
  • Work should inspire, not wear out
  • Who lives slowly, he lives longer
  • When we are afraid of losing time, we lose it.
  • The process is much more important than the result.
  • Do not burden yourself with exorbitant cares.
  • Learn to ask for help.

Do not live for something, but just live

Properly allocating your time, not becoming a hostage to business, choosing the rhythm of your life for each day yourself is not all that the Slow life style offers. He teaches us to take a broader look at the world, to see what surrounds us, to understand how much has been bestowed upon man. It is this feeling of oneness with the world that gives inspiration. Instead of feeling lonely, the joy of fusion appears, instead of fear comes trust, instead of egoism, love. How can this be applied in life? Guided by simple principles:

  • Look at the sunrises and sunsets
  • Learn to hear the stars
  • Feel the taste of what you eat
  • Communicate with nature, but do not walk for a specific purpose, otherwise you sacrifice the walk itself
  • Play and fantasize
  • If you go with someone nearby, do not think what to say
  • Walk with children, watch them, learn from them
  • Speak slowly and intelligently
  • Delhi big things small
  • When you worry and worry, stop and slowly breathe
  • Slowly enjoy art
  • Spend time alone, without TV and Internet

Draw energy in life itself

How to keep strength in order to keep up? Supporters of the Slow life movement say that for this you need to follow the basic commandments:

1. Do not do all the work at once, evenly distributing it. It is necessary to do household chores gradually, that is, do not postpone cleaning the whole house, washing and ironing for one day, and do it all by the day of the week: dust on the furniture on Monday, wash it on Tuesday, vacuum it on Wednesday, wash the floor on Thursday etc. Or, if the house is large, allocate for each room its own day of purity. So we will save power.

2. Do your favorite things and get a charge of cheerfulness and inspiration from it. To fill with creative energy and forces, it is necessary to transform what you love into your work or at least a hobby: embroidery, yoga, modeling, writing a novel, macrame, drawing, cultivation of flowers. Doing something, being in the flow of creativity, we do not lose strength, and we fill up their reserves, becoming truly happy. You can read about it in the article. The happiness of creativity is true happiness.

3. Restrict the flow of unnecessary information into your life: clean it from an excess of television programs, telephone complaints from friends, mindlessly visit Internet sites, learn to enjoy the peace and quiet.

4. Do not attend more than one event per day, observe moderation: do not go to the cinema in the morning, then to the rides, then to the exhibition, in the evening to the theater. Let the impression of the film remain for the whole day, let the book reveal its secrets little by little, let the exhibition inspire to set aside time for silence and your own creativity.

5. Communicate with those you love, not just out of habit. To realize how you are needed, to feel and show your love, to take care of loved ones, to arrange holidays, to talk heart to heart and not to spare time for tenderness.

Relish every minute

The smooth flow of life helps us to have more time. Do not confuse it with thoughtless idleness. Consciously living people do it intelligently, “savoring” every minute, as a result of which additional energy appears, harmony and happiness are born. The practice of “slow” life may not solve all problems, but it will show us the perfection of the world, its beauty and infinity, expand the boundaries of our possibilities and help create islands of peace in a changing and developing life.

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