Sahasrara - the chakra of perfection

The seventh, highest chakra in the energy system is called Sahasrara. Translated from Sanskrit, this means "lotus flower with a thousand petals." It is also called the crown, crown and peak chakra, and sometimes the over-chakra, emphasizing that it is not responsible for a particular aspect of human life, but for integrity and common spirituality. Sahasrara is located in the region of the top of the skull, it has the shape of a bell and crowns the head like a small cap. It is the center of perfection, giving a connection with higher levels of consciousness. The seventh chakra unites the energies of the other chakras, its color is purple (the energy of insight and comprehension of the essence of things), the motto is “I know!”, Manifestations are understanding, consciousness, meditation.

Appointment Sahasrara

Sahasrara is the home of pure consciousness. The more developed the chakra, the stronger the sense of balance and harmony with oneself and with the Universe. A person with an open Sahasrara brings people the light of mercy, goodness and truth, he has the ability to accept divine ideas, to connect to the knowledge of the world, light and universal love. Thanks to the crown chakra, we perceive ourselves as spiritual essence, which gains experience in this dimension. Everything that we understand with the help of intuition and intelligence turns into knowledge. Knowledge coming from the crown chakra, exceeds the knowledge gained from Ajna, since there is no separation from the object of observation. We understand that the other person is a part of us and a part of the Universe, because we are energy, embodied in a separate body. We cease to be angry, reject and criticize what is perceived by physical vision as separate from us. We know that this is a part of us, and if we feel a sense of resistance, this means we protest against what lives inside us.

Man with open sahasrara just present, accepting all things. He is aware of himself channel of divine light, and his personal ego grows from an obstacle into an instrument of the realization of the Divine will, and benevolence appears benevolence. Man is experiencing not the need to "do", but the need to "be". He perceives fear, discontent, anger as an opportunity for development and understanding, plunges into himself and finds their source. For him, there are no concepts of “she drives me out of myself” or “he hurts me,” because a person understands that everything is unity and any state of disharmony reflects that which requires recognition within himself. He realizes that he chooses his own body and life experience in order to be spiritually elevated. When the crown chakra is balanced, the person becomes enlightened.

Dar Sahasrara

The crown center is revealed during meditation and receives Divine knowledge. There are no locks in Sahasrara, it can simply be more or less disclosed. It is a kind of receiver and distributor of energy derived from Superconscious, thanks to which there is a connection to the universal information field of the Universe. When human consciousness connects with God, we move to a very subtle level of relationship. By becoming a vessel of divine energy, we connect with other vessels of the same kind. We learn to see the depth and beauty of another person, art, creations of nature by their vibrations. That's what it is communication in the highest essence.

Chakra imbalance

When the crown chakra is not opened enough, it seems to a person that it exists separately from the Universe. As a result, fears arise: a person feels that he has no mission in life, he has difficulty in communicating with people. Fear of death due to lack of understanding of what the soul is and why it is eternal, poisons its life. He lacks a sense of unity, confidence and confidence in the world. As a result, diseases appear - the result of separating oneself from the Universe and identifying oneself with the physical body. Diseases associated with crown chakra include headaches that arise from mental overload due to the suppression of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes a disturbance in the work of Sahasrara leads to paralysis, which is caused by the outflow of energy from the diseased area as a result of the deepest trauma that caused a person to deny life. Parkinson's disease speaks of the fear of the past or the future, and high blood pressure is the result of suppressing anger and other destructive emotions.

Remember that you are not your body. You are not your mind. You are the Soul, the pure intangible essence. You do not need to do anything to feel it, you do not need to think - just be it. Life in a state of consciousness Sahasrara is an act of unconditional faith and the transition from the limited reality of the individual to the limitless spiritual reality.

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