Sacred sources of a woman's body

Woman's mouth

The word that comes from the honey lips of a woman is the source that fills a man if the words of love, gratitude, appreciation and support come from her mouth.

If a woman makes claims, reproaches, threats and orders, then destroys herself and her family.

The word is power, it is energy sent into space, which is immediately embodied in the material world.. Why, when a woman says to a man: “You are not capable of anything!”, Then at the same time she thinks that he will be capable of anything? After all, her word is power, the program she asked is executed right there. Her man really becomes no good for her.

Female breasts

When excited, the chest exudes healing energy.. In ancient times, in knowledgeable women, one of the ways of healing was to attach a man to his chest as a source of energy. Female breast is essentially sacred and sacred. The leading woman feeds her man during lovemaking. When a man kisses her breast, she imagines that a golden stream of divine love is flowing from her breast.

Women's hands

A woman feeds a man through food prepared by her hands. Cooking was considered a magical act, and food was always prepared with positive promises, conspiracies to power, health, love, longevity. And the man, tasting the food from the hands of his spouse, regained his strength and was filled with energy.

Female womb

it a place of power accumulating the divine energy within itself. The uterus is able to engender and endure life. Therefore, it is a place of life, the altar of the Creator, which nourishes not only the fetus during pregnancy, but also the man during intimacy. Therefore, men are so eager to penetrate deeper. They touch the place of power, the place of life, the place of God in us, to relive the state of bliss that they experienced while in the womb of the mother.

During intimacy, people who love each other are filled with energy. and prolong your life. It is very important for a woman to take care of her feminine sphere, her intimate muscles should be trained and strong. This saves her vital energy, strong muscles do not allow energy to flow out of the body. A large amount of energy flows during menstruation. Therefore, the task of a woman is to make her periods so painless and easy and quick. The shorter by day, the duration of menstruation, the better. During menstruation, a woman is in a special state, between the spiritual and material world, this special time is intended for meditation, creativity, thinking about herself and the world. It is better at this time not to engage in active actions, as the body's energy is released.

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