Rules of etiquette for girls in a public place and in

Some two hundred years ago, when educating girls, close attention was paid to etiquette training. The modern rhythm of life has in many ways changed the mores of society: the rights of men and women have become equal, communication has become simple and unconstrained. But the rules of etiquette for girls has not been canceled.

Etiquette rules in a public place

Etiquette for girls in a public place

Modern girls spend most of their lives in public. This city transport, institutions, office work, and even the most ordinary staircase or elevator. There are a number of rules of conduct that a girl needs to know in order not to be ignorant in certain situations:

  • If you come to the open door at the same time with another person and you are asked to go first, pass without ceremony. By tradition, the stronger sex is obliged to let the weaker; the younger generation must give way to the elder, the subordinate to the leader. If you are of the same age and social status, the one who comes closest to it comes first.
  • If you go upstairs with a man, you must go in front of him, except for the steep and dark staircase. During the descent down the stairs, the place of the girl - for a man. You gave way - slightly tilt your head in gratitude. If the flight of stairs is too narrow, give way, taking a small step to the side, the elderly, women older than you, your boss.
  • At the elevator, greet people you know. When stopping the elevator, free the passage out: if space permits, take a step to the side, no - exit, and then return.
  • At the entrance to the mall or in any institution, first release those who go out, and only then enter yourself. Prepare the money in advance for the calculation at the checkout.
  • When traveling in public transport, try not to talk loudly or laugh, do not eat ice cream and do not stare at passengers. If you have caused any inconvenience to someone, you need to apologize.
  • When communicating with colleagues at work, behave with restraint, politely, and tactfully. Observe punctuality. According to the rules of business etiquette, discussion of employees' personal lives is not allowed.
  • In any public place you can be in a conflict situation. On the manifestation of insults behave correctly and with dignity, like a educated girl. Do not be like the abuser. Act according to the law.

Good manners for the girls at the table

Etiquette for girls at the table

Food culture has many traditions and norms, which are the rules of behavior at the table and the use of devices for food. Every self-respecting girl should have good manners and know the rules of etiquette at the table - this will allow her to feel confident at home at lunch and in a cafe and restaurant.

The basic rules of behavior at the table:

  • Use a napkin, to do this, put it on your lap so that the large lower part is on top of your knees, and you can wipe the upper part with your hands.
  • During the meal, do not forget about the correct posture. The distance to the table should be one palm. Do not set your elbows on the table. Do not put your hands under the table.
  • Use appropriate cutlery designed for a particular dish.
  • Do not reach for the necessary object (for example, for the salt shaker), but ask him to file.
  • Toothpicks standing on the table are allowed only in the washroom. In the same place it is possible to correct a make-up or a hairdress. Bad taste is considered to touch the hair at the table.
  • For coughing or sneezing, you need to leave the table.
  • Call the staff can, with a wave of his hand or nodding his head. In no case do not call the waiter, knocking cutlery or shouting.
  • If the cutlery falls, they should not be lifted, but ask the waiter to bring clean ones.
  • A bad tone at the table is considered to be hanging out with your feet, licking your fingers, and champing.

How to behave in relation to the guy?

Etiquette for girls when communicating with a guy

To achieve sympathy from the representatives of the stronger sex, girls must learn the rules of etiquette that will help them in this:

  • do not come on a date on time: a delay of 15-20 minutes will allow your boyfriend to collect his thoughts and plan the upcoming evening;
  • going on a date, do not take a big bag, as this is a sign of poor tone;
  • do not let kisses on the first date - this indicates a bad upbringing;
  • do not initiate the next date;
  • don't meet a guy every night;
  • do not be vulgar in behavior, men like femininity and gentleness;
  • Have your opinion, the guys want to see in the girl an interesting interlocutor.

Etiquette in clothes is important!

The rules of etiquette in clothes for girls

Remember that you are the fair sex. Having an impeccable look and exquisite taste in clothes, you will be a real lady. Pay a little attention to etiquette in clothes:

  • Dress according to the season and time of day. For summer, light and light clothes are suitable, for winter - more dense. Morning clothes should be simple and unobtrusive, and for the evening you can allow sparkles.
  • Costumes and blouses are suitable for working clothes; tights should be worn, for example, flesh-colored. They can be worn with any clothing.
  • In the working environment short skirts are not allowed.
  • Shoes should be solid and polished, fit your clothes, and most importantly, that it does not bring you inconvenience. Even at 30 degrees of heat, never open the toe, you can bare only the heel. A heel from a real lady should have a perfect look.
  • Do not wear unnecessary jewelry during the day.
  • In the clothing is not allowed a combination of more than three colors.

Let's revive old traditions together, maybe the world around us will become just a little less pragmatic, and life will be unhurried and measured.

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