Raja yoga - the practice of improving the spirit

The choice of yoga today for many women becomes a central issue. We want to be healthy both physically and spiritually more and more. Yoga is a terrific practice for this.

Raja yoga is royal yoga (from the word "Raj"). This kind of yoga is classic and it is based on meditation. The goal of raja yoga is to control the mind, to improve the spirit and consciousness of a person through meditation.

Raja yoga steps

Raja Yoga has 8 steps.

  • Stage 1: The Pit is a person’s self-restraint: non-violence, giving, abstinence.
  • Stage 2: Niyama - purity, austerity, diligent training, faith
  • Level 3: Asana is yoga postures.
  • Stage 4: Pranayama: breath control
  • Stage 5: Pratyahara: Curbing Your Senses and Passions
  • 6 level: Dharana: full concentration
  • Stage 7: Dhyana: Meditation
  • Stage 8: Samadhi: awareness of your own nature, the whole meaning of yoga

Differences between raja yoga and hatha yoga

If we talk about the difference between raja yoga and hatha yoga, then it is obvious.Improving, first of all, the spirit, not the body is the goal of royal yoga. This kind of yoga teaches people to see the picture of the world, to know it and their consciousness, "put the mind in its place."

The first thing that raja yoga tells us is that a person does not know himself. He sees himself and reality in a distorted way, until he lets the practice of meditation into his world. A person is not familiar with his body, he looks at the world through darkened glasses and cannot rub them to see the light. See the world in all colors, and helps Raja Yoga.

What gives raja yoga?

The practical tasks of this type of yoga include the ability to stop thoughts, the ability to think about nothing, thereby giving your head and mind a rest. It is believed that if a yogi reaches this state, he can hear the thoughts of other people. Only in the case of complete rejection of his own thoughts for a while, can a person come closer to what the voice of truth and the universe will hear.

To know the secrets of life, the universe helps raja yoga, but only in the case of complete immersion and compliance with all rules. Meditation, contemplation, concentration - these are the ways in which a person passes and approaches the truth. Yogam also has a vision of the future, events, moments and moments. This state is difficult to achieve, and many people do not believe in the emergence of such abilities in humans in principle. However, thousands of people every day trying to learn all the secrets of this world and their I in the classes of raja yoga.

By the way, classes should not take place without a direct supervisor or teacher. Since before the student begins to explore this world and himself, the teacher must see the essence of the student and determine his future path of development. An individual set of exercises and poses is assigned to each yoga.

The ultimate goal of yoga is the last step, which gives enlightenment - Samadhi. In order to achieve a state of bliss and dissolution in an impersonal absolute, much needs to be overcome: ignorance, selfishness, sympathy, antipathy, attachment to material values. In other words, The last stage of the raja yoga brings a person to a completely different level of his existence, making him almost holy.

Every day we try to become better, more humble, cleaner. The way to make yourself so is raja yoga. This type of yoga involves the complete dissolution and the adoption of practice as a lifestyle, its main road. If you are ready for this, then find a teacher, start enlightening and step by step approach the state of bliss. In today's world it will not be superfluous!

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