Purpose of a woman - to illuminate the world with beauty

The true purpose of a woman is to bring beauty to the world, because a woman realizes the transformation of the Universe not so much with her own affairs, as with her presence. Her beauty, femininity, integrity are not at all in kilograms and height, but in shining happy eyes and in a disinterested female heart full of joy, kindness and love.

Space decoration

Purpose of a woman - to illuminate the world with beauty

Our world is beautiful. Take a look at flowering cherries, clear skies and tender greens of spring leaves. Everything around is full of perfection and beauty. Every woman unconsciously seeks to soak up this grace and decorate her living space. From the usual walls and roofs of a woman create a cozy and extraordinarily beautiful houses. They enliven the space with fresh colors, add light and mystery, softness and warmth to it. At the same time, an amazing artist lives inside each of us, because not one interior is not repeated one to one, any one is unique.

We can decorate this world and in another way - with ourselves. Eyes, glowing with happiness, and flying gait instantly change the world. Looking at this pristine nature, lightness and beauty, you freeze in admiration and fill up with a feeling of something joyful and bright. In such a woman there is something elusive, pure and beautiful, for she brings Divine light and gives joy and smiles to everyone around her with her presence alone.

What is the beauty of a woman?

Our true beauty is not in a slim figure, fashionable dresses, make-up and stacked curls. You can have all this, but not fill the surrounding space with light, not be the spring, whose life-giving waters heal any wounds. The real beauty is clean, the mercy of a woman, her ability to love and the ability to be happy. Always, everywhere, under any circumstances. When inside it all is, our inner beauty and harmony find expression without. And this is manifested in everything: in the creation of home comfort and the atmosphere of warmth, creativity, dishes prepared with love, lines written, parenting, relationships with loved ones.

A woman and a man

Purpose of a woman - to illuminate the world with beauty

Both men and women are equal in rights, but their purpose on earth is different. A man is a carrier of strength, power and nobility, and a woman gives the world beauty and mercy. Previously, girls and boys studied separately, because in reality for their development requires different knowledge.

Today we bring up everyone in the same way: boys, like girls, and vice versa. Therefore, sometimes men become like women and do not have the opportunity to show their masculine active position and strong-willed nature, and some women resemble men, defending, defending, winning, competing. In such a situation, a woman under the weight of uncharacteristic cares and excessive responsibility loses her beauty, gentleness and kindness and becomes harsh, aggressive, hysterical.

Women, remember that you are beautiful when you decorate the world with your calmness and mercy hidden inside your hearts. This is your truth and your strength. And when you waste your feminine energy and change your beauty in pursuit of male feats and victories, you lose your way, betray your destiny and become unhappy.

Calling to be a Woman

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself with different eyes. Ask yourself: "Am I happy? Do I remember that I am a spiritual creature? Is the world spiritualizing my beauty?" Answer yourself honestly and know that you can always change everything.

Just remember that you are a Woman, but what does this mean? It means to bring love and light, give a smile and inspiration, sow good and illuminate the world with beauty. How? With his warm gaze, encouraging word, creativity, and in fact - just by his presence. When everything is beautiful inside, it becomes beautiful and everything around! After all, who, if not a woman, can save the world with beauty?

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