Premonitions are the most mysterious human sensations, but one cannot deny that they exist. It is premonitions that guard us from some events, or, on the contrary, they want to point out some positive changes in life. They all manifest themselves in different ways, someone clearly sees in front of him a picture of a future event, someone just experiences an inexplicable pinching feeling in his chest. Let's see what the forebodings are and how they can come to us.

In the form of clairvoyance

Such a gift, of course, is very rare, it was only the great seers who possessed it, a vivid example to that of Wang. A person sees in front of him a clear picture or image that very realistically indicates what will happen in the future. A clairvoyant can see not only a picture of his future, but also pictures from other people's lives, and this becomes his heavy burden. He can see that, but he cannot influence him, and the clairvoyant has no choice but to accept his visions.

In the form of vague forebodings

This kind of premonition is also found in ordinary people. But people do not always listen to their forebodings or try to decipher them, some even shrug off their forebodings as an annoying fly, considering it to be just fiction. But even those who believe in the existence of premonitions are difficult to decipher and determine what they are specifically attached to, because premonitions can indicate a very remote event. Sometimes we associate our forebodings with superstitions, for example, if a black cat runs through or we meet the combination of numbers 666, then we immediately wait for trouble and start to feel anxious. But for those who do not believe in existence, they will accept and do not come true, but for those who believe, the action will materialize, and the worst fears can come true.

The most correct thing in case of a vague foreboding is not to panic, but to try to figure out what this or that feeling might be connected with. If you experience a constant unpleasant feeling when performing certain actions or when communicating with a particular person, then you should find out the possible cause of your feelings.

Premonition of the situation

This type of foresight is associated with a specific event or action, and those who correctly interpret their voice can avoid many troubles. Premonition in such a situation arises in the form of a barrier, unwillingness to perform any action or deed, although it would seem that there is no justification for this. And these are not just emotions or feelings; at this moment a person is held and not let go by physical strength. Suppose you need to go somewhere or meet a person and at the same time you understand that you have to go there and there is no reason not to do it, but to perform this action you have to overcome yourself through strength, you feel absolutely clear psychological and physical the discomfort. The simplest example is when a person buys a plane ticket and very accurately understands that some unknown force does not allow him anywhere, he stays and soon he finds out that the plane has crashed.

It is foolish not to pay attention to this kind of foreboding, at best, this can result in petty trouble, at worst, it can cost life. But how to distinguish just ordinary excitement from the obvious signs of the Universe? To do this, you need to learn to trust yourself and your feelings, if you have no reason to worry, and the aching unpleasant feeling is still pursuing you, then it is better to err. It is better to change your plans than to suffer because you did not listen to your inner voice.

What are the presentations?


One of the most vivid manifestations of forebodings is prophetic dreams. It is considered to be that dreams are just a rethinking of the lived information for the day, but sometimes they can get information from the future or a message from the Universe. But here one should be attentive and not confuse ordinary dreams with prophetic ones. For example, if you dreamed of a fire, then it is not at all necessary that your house will catch fire soon. This may simply mean future minor troubles, or so an impression could be reproduced in your mind after a fire with friends. Therefore, you should carefully analyze your dream and decide which category it belongs to.

In real life

In ordinary life, forebodings can manifest as causeless anxiety, but they can also come in the form of obsessive thoughts. For example, you will often come across eyes of stray cats and dogs, and you will have the feeling that they are following you, and after a while you will end up in a car accident caused by a cat running onto the road. So the Universe tried to warn you about the danger, but you could not connect the cats with a possible car accident.

It is difficult to protect yourself from events with such premonitions, but you can try. It should be more careful in their actions and movements, not to tempt fate. But obsessive thoughts do not necessarily have to notify about bad events, they may try to talk about something good, so you should not tune in to negative.

Who is more advanced foresight

People with developed intuition are more susceptible to foresight, since these feelings are very close to each other. But at the same time, not necessarily a person with a developed intuition will be able to clearly explain his prediction. And all because intuition is more related to specific actions and actions, a person feels with her that this is not the way to act. But premonitions most often do not indicate something definite and it is difficult to attach them to something, i.e. a person needs to either trust in foreknowledge or not, while intuition is more confirmed.

Premonitions are easier to manifest in people with a creative mindset, who value the world not only through a scientific and pragmatic worldview, but also allow for the existence of many unexplainable things. It is more difficult for more rational people to admit foresight into their own world of facts that cannot be explained by logic alone. Therefore, if you want to let forebodings into your life, then do not dismiss the signs and laws of the Universe.

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