Practice wise

Mudras are a simple way to overcome stress and anxiety, improve your emotional state, strengthen the body's defenses and get rid of pain. There are mudras who are responsible for the general condition - they help to relax, relieve tension and recuperate. But there are those that are aimed at solving specific physical and psychological problems.

How to start the practice? What are wise to choose and how to work with them?

General recommendations

Mudras can be performed at any time and in any place: at work, while watching TV, and in public transport. It is ideal to practice in a quiet place in a relaxed home environment or in nature, sitting in a lotus position with a straight back, and also combine mudras with yoga asanas for balance or combining them with meditation. It is possible to strengthen the action of wise with the help of a certain nutrition system, breathing exercises, visualization, music, color.

Morning and evening are good times to practice wise. In addition, the mudras can be performed when you feel the need to replenish energy. You should not practice immediately after a meal, it is advisable to wait at least an hour.

The effect of practice

Some mudras give an immediate effect - you immediately feel the ease, a surge of energy, liberation from negative thoughts, clarity of mind, peace and tranquility. In acute conditions of the body and psyche, the effect of classes can be observed already in 1-2 days, and in case of long chronic diseases - after a few weeks. Only discipline and perseverance will bring a profound change that will eliminate the problem.

Where to begin?

At the beginning of the practice, it is necessary to remove the metal objects from the hands and equalize the breath: the exhalation must be longer than the inhalation (inhalation - on 4 counts, exhalation - on 5-6). Now proceed to the implementation of wise: gently press on the pads of the fingers of both hands and breathe evenly through the nose. It is better to choose for yourself 2-3 wise, which are aimed at solving a specific problem, and do them daily three times a day (each within 2-5 minutes).

If you are not worried about any particular difficulties, you can practice wise every day 2 times a day: in the morning to recharge your batteries, and in the evening to relax. Thanks to this, you can always be in shape, relieve tension in time and maintain tone. Starting from a few minutes, as you master the practice, it is necessary to increase its duration gradually to thirty minutes.

Wise knowledge

This is one of the most important wise. Starting the practice is recommended with her.

Indications: anxiety, anxiety, emotional overwork, depression, insomnia, lack of energy at the level of Anahata or Vishudhi.

Effect: brings peace, promotes concentration, improves brain function, activates memory and the ability to perceive new information, systematize the knowledge gained, gives clarity of consciousness, helps to express their point of view. Equipment: we connect the index finger with the thumb pad, forming a ring. The remaining three fingers straighten, but leave relaxed.

Life wise

Indications: lack of strength, lack of energy, stress, state of rapid fatigue, vision problems.

Effect: increases efficiency and productivity, strengthens the energy potential of the body, revealing the energy of Muladhara, strengthens the immune system, gives confidence and improves eyesight.

Equipment: The ring finger, little finger, and thumb pads are connected. Middle and index fingers are together and straightened freely. The palms are turned up. Mudra is performed with both hands at the same time.

Energy wise

Life does not exist without energy. Directional energy can perform miracles of healing.

Indications: pain, slagging of the body, diseases of the spine, as well as the reproductive system.

Effect: relieves pain, removes toxins, cleanses the body.

Equipment: we connect the pads of the middle, ring and thumb, other fingers are left free to straighten.

Mudra "Shambhala Shield"

Shambhala is a country of higher spiritual entities, virtues, prosperity, well-being. This mudra gives protection from the forces of evil, makes us invisible to them.

Indications: susceptibility to the negative effects of foreign energy.

Effect: grants longevity, kindness, spirituality, protects life, health and wealth.

Equipment: fingers of the right hand clenched into a fist. We straighten the hand of the left hand, with the thumb pressed to the hand. Straighten the left hand, like a shield, cover the right hand, clenched into a fist, and press it to the back surface of the fist.

Life-saving wise

Indications: heart attacks, heart palpitations, pain in the heart, myocardial infarction.

Effect: If there is a malfunction of the heart, it is recommended to immediately begin to perform the mudra Relief comes immediately.

Equipment: The index finger is bent so that its small pillow lay on the basis of a thumb. We fold the pads of the middle, ring and thumb, and straighten the little finger. Perform with both hands.

Mudras are a very simple energy exercise that everyone can master. Mudras do not replace treatment, but the result obtained with their help is good support. The goal of wise is not only maintaining health, but also spiritual work. Practicing this type of yoga all the time, one can notice profound changes in life on the path of self-awareness.


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