Positive attitude towards life

Neither more nor less, but joy must be sought, because it begins the path to happiness. Do our dreams and even small wishes come true often? And, if the answer is "no, not all", then another question arises why some desires are fulfilled, some - can never be fulfilled in principle, and still others - can it ever be fulfilled?

There may be several answers to this question:

  1. The dream was initially unreal.
  2. To realize the desire takes a lot of time.
  3. The lack of opportunities that are not present at the moment, but will appear in the near future, and then ...

Let's try to consider another answer - the point is not whether desires are fulfilled or not, but in the wrong attitude to the way we fulfill our dreams. And in general, do we often let our wishes come true?

Relationship to difficulties

For example, there was a desire to go with the best friends to the club and certainly wear a new leather dress. But, oh, horror, the lightning spread, and you’ll have to opt for old jeans. It would seem that a trifle, but the mood is spoiled, and the whole evening overcome thoughts about unfulfilled desire. And there may be plenty of examples of such situations: there is no money for the hundred and first pair of shoes — depression, the loved one did not understand what I was hinting at — how could he. How silly and funny this is! Even ashamed somehow!

After all, you are a healthy person with arms and legs, eyesight, hearing, etc., and you should appreciate it. Often we see difficulty in banal situations and do not notice true values. We see the difficulty, but we can see the opportunity. Here in the example with a leather dress - you can look at the situation differently. If you put on your good old jeans, which last week had an unforgettable evening, then it would be at least comfortable for you, and who knows, maybe an even more stunning night awaits you?

How to change the attitude to the events of life?

There are some tips.

1. Let go of the situation with the words: "And it will pass, and this did not happen, but after that," in the end, relax a little.

2. Pull yourself away and observe the situation: how she develops herself, if you are not preventing her from moving where she herself, that is, she wants the situation, and not where you suddenly wanted at this particular moment.

3. As a rule, such an approach leads to the situation ending as well as possible and with an even more favorable result than you yourself planned. The word "situation" refers to different circumstances: situations in personal life and at work, in general, mood, as well as relationships with people.

4. Decide to think positively and always adhere to the principle of "Whatever is done, everything is for the best" under any conditions and circumstances. For the best for the soul at least. After all, in fact, we cannot know what is good for us, what is good, therefore it is better to entrust life to the world, because it is better for it to know. Despond is strictly prohibited. Of course you can experience it, but only a little - 10 seconds, this is more than enough.

5. To live in the quivering expectation of a miracle 5 minutes a day, because it is checked - miracles happen. Let it not often, but it certainly happens sooner or later, and in a most unexpected way. This rule is necessary to perform, how to brush your teeth or something like that. But it turns out somehow strange - we care about physical health, starting from infancy, we forget about the soul. So we get what you deserve.

Do not forget to say "thank you" ...

Another important rule of a positive attitude towards life is that when everything goes well, you should be able to feel gratitude for it. Very often, if not to say, the situation develops according to this scenario. We want something, we work for a long time on the implementation of our plans, and in the end, we either get this “planned” thing or not. If you have achieved the desired, then everything seems to be as it should, and if something did not work out, we begin to criticize ourselves, life, or even worse, we are looking for someone to blame. And with "GOOD" you need to treat it delicately, as with a very fragile and expensive value. Do not forget to say thank you, thank fate for being there.

Sometimes it happens that suddenly all of a sudden it starts to drive insanely, and a person begins to take it for granted, and then suddenly in a very small amount of time it all loses. Again, two scenarios are possible.

  1. Indignation, resentment at all and everything, and as a result, a person becomes at least no better. A person does not even think about joy at such a moment.
  2. The second option involves the initial joyous attitude to what is happening. In the end, "everything that does not kill me, only makes me stronger," and who does not want to become stronger, more experienced, wise? As one of the great ones said: "Not every victory is Victory, not every defeat is Defeat." Not for nothing is the folk wisdom "Everything that is done - all for the better" or "From every swine you can cut a piece of ham." Apparently our ancestors have long noticed that it is important to change not the situation, but the attitude towards it. That is, you have to be happy that everything happened that way, and not otherwise, because maybe this was the only way to understand something that I did not understand before.

You should always give thanks, especially for failures. We must also remember: to thank and feel sincere gratitude - things are different.

The path to joy

There are situations that teach the following relation. It’s just now that it’s bad that it’s not what you’ve planned. Failure is actually a positive way, an opportunity to see all of the diverse set of roads to joy, one of the options for achieving the goal and making your dreams come true. And in general, how can we know whether we won or lost from the point of view of the future, of tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow you will wake up and say: how good it is that all this happened to me this way and not otherwise? Who knows, maybe the day will come when the man of his dreams to the question: "And why did you decide to go to that club that day?", You will answer: "It's just that the lightning on this stupid leather dress went off."

Sometimes, probably, it is necessary not to “start a new life”, it is important and necessary for your own joy to look at the old with new eyes. Happy eyes! And life, like a mirror, will reflect your new joyful and happy reality. After all, they say that our thoughts are material.

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