Owl or lark

Speaking about the time of awakening, we often divide people into larks and owls. Larks wake up a little light, they are especially active in the first half of the day, and by evening their productivity decreases. Owls wake up late, prefer to work in the evening and even at night, considering this time to be the most creatively filled. Many explain this phenomenon by innate tendencies, believing that these two lifestyles are absolutely equivalent. But is it really that simple?

City rhythm of life

Today, among the urban residents of the larks is becoming less. This is due to the fact that gradually the external environment dictates our living conditions. Previously, many companies worked from 8 am, and we had to wake up at 6 o'clock in order to have time for work, but today more and more organizations, especially the commercial sphere, start working at 10 am. Working in such a rhythm until 19.00, we arrive home rather late, and still need to have time to do some work, in addition to work. In the end, we go to bed late and wake up late.

We also spend weekends - in the morning we sleep off, and in the evening we have plenty of dinner, pampering ourselves with culinary delights, go to entertainment venues, or watch movies until midnight. Of course, the next day it is difficult to wake up at five in the morning before sunrise, with joy, ease in the body and creative inspiration.

Is this way of life caused by innate tendencies and our natural qualities?

Energy Yin and Yang

Everyone knows that in our life is present two types of energy: Yin and Yang, which ideally should be balanced. They really determine whether you are an owl or a morning person.

If your life force is negative (too much yin), You wake up late and reluctantly. Often you do not have enough strength and energy to do everything planned for the day. You may have black bars in life. You sometimes accumulate unresolved problems, and there is also a lack of something: money, attention, time, and opportunities. Instead of taking responsibility for your life, you take an expectant stance and expect that someone will come and solve all problems for you - a friend, parents, government, God.

If your life force is balanced (Yin = Yang), or positive (present little more energy Yang), You are a "lark". You wake up every morning with joy, inspiration, strength to create and create. You always have time to complete all tasks, productive, successful. You have a lot of free time, and all life is a solid white stripe. You solve problems immediately, without accumulating them and not postponing "for later." All you have is enough, you do not have a shortage of something and always share with others. You do not expect help from the outside, you help yourself and others.

Thus, the “larks” and “owls” are not equivalent in terms of activity and success, and the point is not in nature. Simply "owls" are people with dysfunction of the vital force, and "larks" are with its normal condition.

What does our vital energy depend on?

one. Food and Water Quality. Producers of food and beverages tend to get loyal consumers without great expense. To do this, products must have a bright and original packaging that attracts our attention, and also contain substances that cause addiction (alcohol, wine vinegars, preservatives, food additives, sugar and sweeteners). Therefore, go environmentally friendly and healthy products. Unnatural needs are formed. For example, if you pour all the dishes with mayonnaise and spicy flavored ketchup before a meal, the usual natural taste of cooked rice, offered to you without spices, will seem "bland". Such nutrition greatly shifts the balance of life force towards Yin.

2 Mealtime. Many people dine after 18.00. There are people who eat at night. This is very harmful, since what we consume at bedtime, and especially proteins, is practically not digested. This food decomposes and rots, and, as a result, toxins are formed, which poison the body, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth. The body does not get a full rest, so the awakening becomes heavy.

3 TV and music. People practicing a healthy lifestyle, gradually refuse to watch television programs. The fact is that when our attention is focused on the picture, our consciousness is inactive, it occupies a known position, which leads to an increase in Yin energy. If the content of the picture is negative (scenes of violence, horrors, fighting, aggression), the negative impact on the body is amplified many times. The same thing happens when we listen to destructive music, the rhythms of which conflict with our own vibrations. How this happens and what music is better to listen to read in the article Treatment of music.

four.Work to get money. When we work on an unloved work that does not inspire us, does not help to reveal our creative talents, to realize our abilities, just for the sake of money, we give our creative vitality. Such work does not inspire, but exhausts. Such an unequal exchange (creative energy sold for money) puts us in the position of Yin, depriving us of freedom and independence. This does not mean that you need to stop working, but you do not need to be a slave to money, they must work for us.

five. The content of consciousness at bedtime. What we do before we fall asleep sets the direction in which the mind will stay all night. If during the period of falling asleep you think about daytime problems or scroll through the negative scenes from the watched films in your mind, then in the morning the mental state will certainly be unsatisfactory. It is best to take a shower before going to bed (water will wash away all negative energies) and direct your attention to what inspires you, spiritual values ​​or thoughts about God. Then there will be good changes in the quality of your sleep and in your life.

When is the morning good?

Early awakening gives a state of lightness from an excess of vital force. You yourself wonder how much time to do. Problems do not burden, it is interesting and joyful to solve them.

You live in abundance and help others. When you wake up early and tune in to the energies of the morning, you reach your goals faster and see a lot of new opportunities. You realize that you can really manage your life and create the right circumstances.

Indeed, the one who never got up before sunrise to greet the Sun, greet the whole Universe and utter his kind words, he never took advantage of the fullness of the vitality given to him to realize his own destiny.. How time of awakening is interconnected with spiritual development, read in the article What time is better to wake up?

Get up early, welcome the world, tune in to high energies, and then the morning will be really good, like day, evening, night, like all of our beautiful life!


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