Never say never"

From generation to generation, people's everyday wisdom is transmitted. And most often the youth rejects the foundations of their ancestors, and then comes to their wisdom. The endless cycle of nature. Do you remember the words that you can never say the word "never"? This expression is familiar to some more as "From prison and soums do not renounce." A simple law of life, which, alas, not all follow.

Before exclaiming: "I am not that (not that)!" Try to honestly answer the following questions:

1. Has he heard about someone else's mistake (a forgotten phone at home, a stolen wallet from a back pocket, a burnt-out kettle on the stove) saying "I would never ...."?

2. Has the conviction of other people for how they behave with their children?

3. Have you discussed politics, banking system, the state as a whole or those in power in a negative way in a company of people?

4. Did someone think you something SHOULD simply because it is your relative, friend or close friend?

5. Have you ever thought about what is better than another (for some reason)?

Is there a positive answer to even one of these questions? I personally did not come across any one who could say that this is not all about him. And even if you yourself think that you are not inclined to condemn others, then ask others if they agree with this opinion. After all, as often happens: "In a strange eye, the speck is visible, but in his ..."

Oddly enough, different people are united by the same pattern in life. It does not matter whether you believe in God or not, whether the concept of "Karma" is true or fictional, but there are rules common to all. No wonder they say: "Do not judge, but you will not be judged". If you blame something or categorically unacceptable, then life will definitely do everything possible so that you find yourself in the situation when you have to show this unpleasant act. condemned by others.

Every man himself came into this life and only responsible for his actions. Yes, it was my mother who bore you for 9 months, the midwife took birth, while other people tried to contribute to the upbringing. But face it: all that other people do is their life. And if they in any way offend yours, then it can only speak about one thing: you yourself allowed them to do it. Therefore, no matter how much one would like to “shift” all our failures and problems onto others, try to take responsibility for your life. And then forgive inside all those who brought you spiritual torment. Let love into your heart, which does not require the subordination of others, it will allow people with all their shortcomings to be received. And then the world around can shine with completely different colors.

Think for yourself - can you personally influence the policy as a whole? And on the bank system? And what can you? If you are able to make your porch or yard cleaner, then what's the use of blaming the inaction of the housing office or specifically the janitor? You can change the space next to you. For example, call the neighbors on a clean-up day and clean up all the garbage in the yard, paint the windowsills and the front door, write a collective letter asking for funds to repair the road. But do not blame those who do not go for you. Just pay attention to your business and life will be better!

And, by the way, after all, during a long Strictly fasting, it is not so important to observe the restrictions in eating as in our thoughts. After all, controlling your feelings is much more difficult ...

Live happily! And may your loved ones be happy too!

Especially for - Katbula

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