Muladhara - the root chakra

Each person has chakras - the original centers for receiving and transmitting the Universal life energy. Today we will talk about the first of the seven main chakras - Muladhara. The fact is that Muladhara, Svadhistana and Manipura are the three lower (material) chakras of the energy system. They are associated with the manifestation of man in the material world, with his physical and etheric body. The full work of the lower chakras allows you to achieve significant success in the material world - to achieve wealth and influence. Sometimes it happens that spiritual people are completely focused on the development of spiritual centers, the lower chakras are closed and poorly functioning, which can lead to problems with health and with the material world. Therefore, we should not neglect the development of the lower chakras, because all of them perform vital functions and are the basis for building a complete human energy system.

What is Muladhara responsible for?

Muladhara is the root chakra that binds a person to the ground. Muladhara gives sense of stability and supports the main survival instinct - the need for labor, what gives a person food, shelter, family. Muladhara is located in the tailbone area, its color is red (gives the physical body mobility, health, strength), the motto is “I have!”. With the harmonious work of the first chakra, a person experiences self-satisfaction and a feeling of inner strength, he makes decisions and easily implements them. He is active, energetic, astute, and his legs are firmly on the ground. The earth is solid, heavy, it serves as a support. When we allow the earth to carry us, we are in harmony with the downward flow of the chakra, which is called the "ground". If the grounding process is carried out correctly, the body is filled with energy. The main vital function associated with Muladhara is nutrition, a violation of which indicates an imbalance of the chakras. Power is a grounding process that brings a sense of security, thoroughness, and tranquility. Overweight person may be an attempt to ground the stress and protect the body. Malnutrition and lack of weight talk about the desire to avoid all material, because it frightens and limits.

Chakra imbalance and body diseases

Muladhara is associated with the following organs of the body: the skeleton, teeth, nails, intestines, genitals and cellular structure. When chakra dysfunction (excessive openness) there are obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, resulting from greed: a person does not want to part with everything and keeps everything to himself. Thrombophlebitis and thick blood are associated with Muladhara, reflecting an excess of the elements of earth in the body, as well as the problem of crumbling teeth, weak bones, arthritis, and arthrosis. Weak bone tissues characterize the closure of the chakra. Muladhara - grounding, support, protection; neglecting this in life, we destroy our own skeleton.

Physical features of people with prevailing Muladhara

People with the predominant first chakra (compared to other chakras) have physical features. Our body and addictions always talk about the internal state. Maybe in this description you will recognize yourself or someone close to you. In clothing, people with the prevailing Muladhara prefer the classics of brown and gray tones. When walking the foot, they put on the ground completely, their gait is slow. They say little, basically, in essence, while in speech they use long pauses and weak emotional coloring. Information assimilated for a long time. They also eat, slowly and thoroughly, chewing food thoroughly. At the same time, they strive to multiply material wealth and can have a peculiar concept of economy: with substantial income, brew a disposable tea bag twice, buy a minimum of food, etc.

The spiritual meaning of Muladhara

The divine patrons of the chakras are Shri Ganesh and Shri Kartikei, who personify innocence, wisdom, joy, beauty, childlike spontaneity and teach you to avoid the extremes of asceticism (leading to increased self-esteem and aggression) and selfishness (to the detriment of spiritual development leads to focusing on the satisfaction of physical needs) . Innocence forms the basis of virtuous behavior. Through meditation, we can awaken the primordial qualities of the child and become more pure beings. Observations of aggressive actions, manifestations of the evil eye, sexual excess, uncleanness of thoughts destroy Muladhara. Sex is one of the expressions of love, but it should not dominate life. therefore you need to learn respect, chastity and decent behavior for sustained spiritual growth and inner strength.

Chakra development

If you feel a lack of stability and support in your life, often you are ill and have material difficulties, most likely, Muladhara does not receive the required amount of energy. The easiest way to stimulate the first chakra is to sit right in the chair, put your feet on the floor and press them. The flow of energy into the chakra will increase. Now relax your legs and feet, and then press again. Doing the exercise several times, you will improve contact with the body and feel cheerful and full of energy. This method does not require much time, you can use it while working at the computer, talking on the phone or watching your favorite movie. Muladhara can be activated by breathing, when the exhalation, inhalation and delay between them are equal in time. There will have to use a stopwatch and purposefully monitor how you breathe. It is also useful to sit on the ground. Working with Muladhara leads to increased vitality, increased resistance to disease, gives vigor and endurance, as well as determination in worldly affairs.

Keep balance!

In any case, remember - the measure is good in everything. Excessive grounding concentrates on the material, to the detriment of the spiritual. On the other hand, the renunciation of worldly needs and the contempt of all earthly things can lead to the development of disease, fear, loneliness. Therefore, use this knowledge to balance the actions of Muladhara. Be healthy and full of energy!

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