Muladhara chakra

Articles about the levels of relationships are based on Vedic knowledge, using lecture materials by Dr. O. Torsunov.

Marriage at the Muladhara Chakra Level is the lowest level of relationship. In the modern world, it is this type of marriage that most often occurs. Here comes the lowland harmony. The Muladhara Center is responsible for selfishness and sex. With harmony between partners at this level, relationships arise in which physical proximity becomes the meaning of living together. This is a relationship when the lower chakra of a woman coincides with the lower chakra of a man. But even such a primitive harmony may not occur with everyone.

People do not always realize what they are oriented to in a relationship, what attracts them in another person. But it is easy to understand when you answer yourself what criteria you are guided by when choosing a partner. If you look, first of all, at the beauty of the body and sexual attractiveness, then you can have the first kind of relationship. What is broadcast in the media supports this idea that sex is one of the important components in life, as it brings pleasure. And people call "love" relationships based only on the proximity of bodies. There is no love, no respect, no comfort, no joy in relationships, there is only the use of each other, the extraction of pleasure.

The initiator of such a relationship is usually a man.: Muladhara is an active center for him, and for a woman is passive. People prone to primitive bodily happiness, looking for each other in clubs, bars and other places of entertainment.

Vedic knowledge says that if the relations are based only on the harmony of the lower energy centers, then they will gradually deplete over time. We can think that we have any problems in the body, not realizing that the loss of sexual interest in a partner is a natural process. Any material enjoyment without spiritual fulfillment ever passes.

According to the Vedas, marriage on Muladhara - the most unfavorable. The basic phases of the development of such relations are also known: the first 6 months people are passionately in love with each other, then the feelings of the spouses fade away, after 2-3 years there are very big problems, and after 7 years - a divorce with shouts, scandal and division of property. The husband and wife are surprised to realize that they have long been strangers to each other, and they have nothing to even talk about.

The reason for the destruction of relationships is that while sexual energy is strong, then a man feels at his best and shows the best qualities in relation to his beloved woman. But when the sexual energy begins to fade away, he behaves worse and worse: he is irritated on trifles, he or she blames the woman for sexual weakness. As a result, he loses interest in his wife, turns another woman on the side, which also worsens the atmosphere in the family.

Cooling down means that there are no other common interests in the family besides sex.People did not converge at higher energy centers, but try to build a life together. Therefore, it is quite clear that the only thing they will do is continuously accuse each other, because they do not understand each other. In the end, the moment will come that a man will decide at all that it is time to part and it is better not to marry, but to walk all his life, and then a moment will come when he will walk up and there will be no happiness.

Such relationships on the Muladhara Chakra can still occur when the girl has already walked up and wants to get rid of loneliness, she feels that it is time to get married, and then the beauty will go away with time, and no one will need it. Then she finds a young man. This type of relationship is completely unreliable, because the sobering up of a young man happens very quickly, and he sees that the woman especially never loved him. Such marriages usually fall apart in a year or two.

Third option relationship on Muladhara - This is when people marry, like friends in misfortune. They understand that both have already walked, love will not be anyway, and do not wait. By the way, an important fact: the more a person walks, the less he is left with the ability to love. Because it is spent on sexual energy. People think that they must somehow live on, and they decide to come together and live like friends. In this case, of course, there will not be too deep relationships, and, at least, there will not be too big problems, because there are no expectations anymore.

Thus, relations based on the lower energy centers, in particular, on the first Muladhara chakra, are not strong. A true family should be built on spiritual principles of respect and mutual service.

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