Miracle of forgiveness

Do you know what I think about every morning? I think that it would be good to learn to live free and easy, to love, to rejoice, to be surprised, to accept people as they are, to stop condemning, to blame. Just smile inside, unnoticed! Himself and all! Kindly, as in childhood! Do you remember? I think you dream about it too! Do you know what is needed for this? Learn to forgive!

Forgiveness is your inner strength

Forgiveness is an amazing power inside you, which helps throw off insults and see the world in its original beauty. Think how much we are offended! These offenses take our thoughts and time, we carry them with us everywhere, like heavy suitcases. What are we trying to achieve with this? After all, we commit ourselves to shackles. And could be free, like butterflies! Dream, love, laugh sincerely and selflessly ...

Listen and hear

Consider why there are forgiven days in religions, beliefs, traditions and rites of different nations. From time immemorial, people know that the miracle of forgiveness frees the heart, revealing its energies of love and goodness, and also heals the body, changes relationships and helps to get rid of fears.

In order to understand the importance of forgiveness, remember what happens when we are offended. There are no accidents in our world. Here acts the so-called "boomerang effect": what you give, you get. Therefore, any of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, possessing a certain energy, attracts to itself the same energy as similar attracts like. In the mirror you see your reflection. The universe is the same mirror for you, it reflects your own message. So you yourself attract your offenders. Do you remember Eastern wisdom: “Nobody is your friend, no one is your enemy, every person is a teacher to you”? This truth suggests that you need not to fight and quarrel with the "offenders", and ask yourself: "What lesson do I need to learn from this situation?" Understand: now the universe sends you the opportunity to hear and understand something important about yourself!

Every person is your teacher.

If the energy of insult lives in your consciousness, she, and not you, governs your life. And when you throw your negative energy at other people, what happens? Repeating the situation with even greater force. And so on the growing circle. Do you remember the snake biting its tail? This is one of the oldest symbols, called Ouroboros. When you say, think, do something, your actions, words and thoughts leave a mark - it's like a tail that stretches after you. A snake devouring its tail is a symbol of that you are reaping what you have sown in the world - given away by you. And if the same situation is repeated many times in your life, you need to look for a case in your past when you acted in relation to someone in this way, to realize this and forgive yourself. Otherwise, the Universe will find for you more and more "teachers" who will teach you hard lessons.

I'm sorry right now

Sorry! Sorry right now! Mentally imagine your "offender", smile at him and say "thank you"! Free your heart from anger. I know how hard it is, but forgiveness is work. Everyday inner work on yourself! Do not consider forgiveness as a one-time action, let it become the style of your life, the purpose of which is to fill your heart with joy, peace, love and wisdom! Do you know what is the hardest? Forgive yourself!

Come to the mirror, look into your eyes. With you, you can talk without question, sincerely. Ask forgiveness for what you have done and for what you have not done. Understand what you have done in the past, at that moment you did everything you could within your ideas about life. Tell yourself that you love yourself, no matter what, without conditions. If you cry, know that the work of healing has begun. I cry every time talking to myself. Just smile to yourself and say that everything is beautiful in your life. And there is! Believe me

Practice forgiveness meditation

The practice of forgiveness is one of the most important for the spiritual development of a person. There are various exercises and techniques that will help you, through forgiveness, to let love into your heart instead of hurt, fear and pain. If your resentment against someone is very deep, practice meditation for forgiveness. Relaxed and let go of all extraneous thoughts, evoke the image of a person with whom you would like to perform a ritual of forgiveness. Tell him: "Forgive me, and I forgive you. I let go of all the darkness that was between us." Tell him everything you want to say, just do not blame, but accept. Think about why the man hurt you. Imagine how it hurt him when someone did that to him. Pity and forgive. Imagine how the violet flame enters your body and the image of this person and ask this flame to clear all the feelings and emotions in your relationship, burn pain, resentment, hatred and turn into love. Thank this man, smile at him and mentally hug. You can practice forgiveness and meditation towards yourself, mentally presenting your image and talking to him.

Towards happiness

If you learn to forgive, it will be easier and happier for you to live in this world, without antidepressants and doctors. Because inside you there will be light, freedom and lightness. You will hear the music of happiness inside you. Your special melody! Let go of all the insults, thank life and people right now. Learn to accept everything with love and wisdom. Then you will wake up every morning with a smile on your face. Then you will be surprised to see miracles start to happen around you. And you will see yourself new, unfamiliar and very happy. I bet you won't want to come back! Check?

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