Midlife crisis in women

The phrase "midlife crisis" is associated in our consciousness with men, but not with women. But psychologists have proven that the "crisis of half life" torments women no less than men, only the causes, signs and methods of struggle differ. Let's try to figure out how to use the crisis in life for the benefit.

Midlife crisis in women

Crisis is a revolution in personal life.. There are crises in our lives in certain periods. Every time a person does not want to live as before, but he still does not know how and does not know how to live in a new way. Crisis is an adulthood exam.

Crises in our life begin at birth, then a crisis of three years, when a child goes to kindergarten, then a crisis of 7 years, when he goes to school. Crises come along with new uncharted life situations. But there are crises that occupy a special place in human life:

  • Teen crisis - transition from childhood to adulthood. The teenager does not want to be dependent on the parents, but still can not be held responsible. The conflict of adolescent "want" and parental "no". It is during this period that we dream of the future, make plans for the life to come, which are not always destined to come true. Hence the next crisis.
  • Middle age crisis. For many, dreams become goals, for someone a "light at the end of the tunnel" and an understanding of what will still be. But when half of his life passes, a person begins to assess what he managed to do from what he planned, and from what he should. Life changes the countdown, the years go not from birth, but to death.

Signs of a midlife crisis in women

  • Apathy, irritability, fear of the future.
  • A woman starts thinking about her age.
  • The realization comes that half a life has already passed, and so much has not been done. Be sure there is no component to complete happiness. Either there is a child, work, but there is no husband, or there is a husband, a child, an interesting job, but there is not enough money, or there is money and a husband, but no children.
  • For someone comes the understanding that everything is achieved, and there is nothing more to strive for.
  • It is frustrating that you will never catch up with successful girlfriends.
  • The search for the meaning of life continues or begins.

Midlife crisis in women

Causes of midlife crisis in women. How not to succumb to provocations?

one. Hormonal changes.

With age, the metabolism slows down and women begin to gain weight. Overweight and hypodynamia - the cause of many diseases. Kilograms can cause cancer of the breast, organs of the digestive system and female organs. Fat accumulates not only outside, but inside. It is precisely the obesity of the internal organs that can trigger diabetes heart disease.

What to do? Sedentary lifestyle should be changed to active. It is during this period that fitness centers, swimming and jogging should enter your life. It is also important to monitor your diet, give preference to products that accelerate metabolic processes. The midlife crisis makes us think about health. Do not give in to provocations, stress only makes it difficult to achieve your goals.

2 Family status.

Midlife crisis in women

If, after 30 years, a woman has not found her husband or is already divorced, she begins to hurry, to worry, which may lead her to commit rash acts. The issue of childbirth in times of crisis comes to the fore. A woman begins to think that you need to give birth is not too late, but from whom, and the competition is high - around young and beautiful. But a midlife crisis also lurks married women, especially during the period when children grow up. Quarrels between spouses are increasing, it is this age accounts for a large percentage of divorces. Men find themselves young, and women either young or more affluent.

What to do? Take everything as it is, these are natural processes, you are not alone. Yes, the crisis entails a restructuring not only of the individual, but also of the relationship, and you will enter into a dialogue with your partner, tell him about your torments, tell me that you would like to change. If you do not have a man, then the crisis is the time to think and analyze what to do to make a man appear, what kind of man you need.

3 Social status.

Self-realization bothers women as much as men. There are many questions. It is much more difficult for a woman of the age to change jobs, a feeling of being useless is created. For a woman who has been realized in the family, there comes an awareness of professional lack of demand. Women, for whom career and family are important, are experiencing a painful crisis, because they place many more demands on themselves.

What to do? In times of crisis, think about your successes, discard some of your household chores and take any courses, take heart. Change jobs or get additional education, find a hobby that can be a source of income.

four. Age.

An unequivocal age for a middle age crisis is difficult to call, its arrival depends on many factors. But you should focus on 35 - 45 years. If for men the main problem of the crisis lies in the work, then the woman in this period is fixated on aging. After 35 years, female beauty begins to wilt, wrinkles appear. Many women decide on plastic surgery.

Midlife crisis in women

What to do? During this period, it is important to forget about age, because you can look gorgeous, regardless of the numbers. A positive attitude will add shine to the eye, boldness and enthusiasm. Sad mine will not decorate even a young girl. If before it cost you nothing to be beautiful, then today you need to learn to keep your appearance in good shape, these are the rules of life. But it is enough to remember celebrities to understand that age for happiness is not a hindrance.

Also, the crisis can be triggered by the collapse of a career or an irreparable loss - the death of loved ones. The hardest of all middle age crisis is experienced by women who have no children, lonely people and those who too late came out from under parental dependence.

Is it possible to avoid a crisis?

Crisis can not be avoided, because it is a natural process. It is given by nature in order to wrest a person out of the hustle and bustle, to give an opportunity to think over his life, makes important decisions. This is a great job, so do not take yourself too strictly during this period. Do not go to extremes: plastic and spree are not the way out.

Be careful! You should know that a crisis cannot last forever, if for a long time your condition does not improve, then perhaps you do not have a mid-life crisis, but depression. After all, the crisis gives strength, its result is calm and humility.

Ways out of the mid-life crisis

Midlife crisis in women

The midlife crisis raises many questions that need to be answered in order to start moving in the right direction. Someone changes the image, someone creates a family, opens a business, becomes a believer. The crisis does not always have positive results, but it is necessary to strive towards them in order to build, not destroy.

You have time to think about yourself, rethink your life. You still have years and strength to implement the plans. Do not be discouraged because this is a mortal sin, accelerate the implementation of bold ideas. A crisis can be an incentive to live the rest of your life richly.

If you are experiencing a midlife crisis is very painful, then you can seek help from a psychologist. But you should not shut yourself in, communicate with people who have overcome this test. Not you first, not you last. Life is given to us in order to rejoice and find positive moments in any situation.

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