Men for women

Pretty women! There comes a wonderful, spring, joyful day, when we are all waiting for miracles, magic, something new and beautiful. On this day with us - our men, strong, confident and gentle! On the eve of March 8, we asked them a question: "What would you like for our beautiful half of humanity on this holiday?" The mouth of men speaks the truth! May all their sincere wishes come true. All their love is for us, all their words are for each of us!

Anton, journalist (23 years old)

"To all the girls - whom I know, and who don’t even know about my existence, I want to enjoy this life. Less to dig into myself and get more pleasure. So that you always meet only pleasant men in all respects! Always be near us!"

Almaz, student (21 years)

"I wish all women of the world health, happiness, a calm sky over their heads, love, all worldly goods and, most importantly, simple female happiness! Always be loved, and continue to delight us with your beauty! For the whole world keeps on you!"

Dmitry, programmer (25 years old)

"Since March 8, dear girls and women! I wish you caring men, faithful friends, uchpekh in undertakings, and most importantly - I wish you to be yourself in any situation!"

Alexey, philologist (29 years old)

"I would like girls and women to meet this holiday with the most beloved and dear people, and not only receive gifts, but also give others happiness and joy."

Vitaly, student (20 years old)

"I would like to wish love to all persons of female nationality! What would we, strong, powerful and brave defenders, love you, and you love us! I want girls and women to wish happiness! Happy to go to Porsche, drink Martini and again, love us! I wish health to weak-sighted beauties! You cannot be ill. Who then will save the world with beauty? "

Alexander, engineer (46 years old)

"I hasten to congratulate our mothers, wives and daughters ... in general, all the women of our vast country with Women's Day! I wish you happiness, beloved ones, health and long life!"

Artem, physicist-technologist (32 years)

"Dear ladies, with the first spring holiday to you! Love, happiness, longevity and more money! All the best to you! You certainly deserve this!"

Gleb, a lawyer (26 years old)

"Madam, on a holiday! May all your dreams come true, loved ones please, the authorities appreciate, and the men carry on their hands! Give others smile and delight in their blossoming beauty! We love you!"

Vadim, a soldier (38 years)

"Our dear women, I want to wish you all on this holiday of peace, kindness, family well-being, success in your career and all that you wish for yourself! Please us with your attention, and we will please you with your love! With the International Women's Day! "

Roman, economist (30 years)

"Beauties, on March 8! Less problems, more success, love, kindness, the sun, a clear sky! And of course the fulfillment of all cherished desires!"

Anatoly, retired (67 years old)

"Our beloved women and girls! I want to wish you on this wonderful holiday all the best! Love of loved ones, good health, more important than which there is nothing, and success in everything! Be happy and just as beautiful!"

Dima, student (22 years)

"Dear young ladies, I congratulate you on this festive day! Without you there would be no us men. After all, many actions we do only for you! But do not use it too much, as you like to do! Happy holiday, do not hurt us, be clever !! "

Andrei, sports coach (25 years old)

"Our adorable girls and women! We, men, cannot imagine our life without you! Stay just as beautiful! Be happy, healthy, successful and loved. Happy Eighth of March!"

Ilya, teacher (31 years)

"Our dear ones, with a wonderful spring holiday, you! Let all life adversities pass you by, and never leave the best things! Love and be loved, live and give life to new people, that is, to your children. Let all your plans come true!"

Good to you, joy, family! Remember that you are loved and unique! Each of you is beautiful !!!

Happy holiday! Hooray!

Especially for - Olga Efremova

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