Meditation to attract love

Every person dreams of loving and being loved himself. It is inherent in us nature. However, it does not always work. find your soulmate. The reasons may be very different, but the essence remains the same: being lonely is not easy. With the help of meditation you can solve this problem and find happiness.

Meditation for attracting love: preparation

  • Choose a time so that you can be sure that no one will interfere. After all, you need to focus, and in no case do not be distracted by anything.
  • Turn off all your phones, turn off the intercom and doorbell. No one and nothing should disturb you!

Meditation to attract love

  • You need to be completely calm. Turn off absolutely all thoughts. Do not think about anything.
  • Put on some nice music to relax. You should not include a famous song that you like. Most likely you will be distracted by it. Suitable melodic classical music or the sounds of nature - the sound of rain, the chirping of birds, the sound of the sea.
  • Light scented candles or special incense that has a relaxing effect.
  • Take a comfortable posture. It does not matter whether it is a lotus position, a comfortable chair or you lie on a bed.

Meditation to bring love into your life

After you have made all the necessary preparations, we proceed to the meditation itself.

To do this, imagine that you find yourself in the middle of a blooming forest glade. It is flooded with bright sunlight, everything around is filled with the chirping of birds. There are cute forest animals around, which you love to stroke.

Feel the joy, happiness and harmony that fills you! You are free from the hustle and bustle of this world. At that moment, when you feel that a light wave of warmth and tranquility is enveloping you, proceed to the next stage.

Now you are at the seaside. You are wearing a light, flowing long dress. You sit at the very water, and the light waves reach your feet. You are looking into the distance, on the horizon and are absolutely sure that you will succeed.

Now comes the moment of meditation, when you can make a wish. Your desire must begin with the words: "I am grateful ...", and end with the words: "for the good of all." For example, "I gratefully meet true love and live in harmony for the good of all."

The next phase of meditation is to imagine that have you already had a loved one. Present it clearly. What should he look like, what is he wearing, what is his voice?

Meditation to bring love into your life

Next, imagine that you find yourself at the cave entrance. Near it are 2 peacocks of stunning beauty. They are invitingly waving their heads, inviting you to come in. You enter the grotto and see a magnificent crystal of enormous size. It shimmers and sparkles under the streams of water falling on him. Water has an unusually pleasant aroma. You admire this amazing picture and hear the voices of angels who call you to yourself.

Moving along the corridors of the cave (your life corridors), you find yourself in a large hall. There is incredibly beautiful and cozy - pink ceiling, carpets, soft pillows everywhere. This is the kingdom of your love. Here are all those you love. Here your close and dear people, guardian angels, fairies and good wizards.

Guardian Angel comes up to you and takes your hand. He takes you to the center of the hall, and you see there is a small pool, which is filled with rose water. The water is very warm, and beckons you to plunge into it. In the middle of the pool there is a small spring from which rose water trickles. This is the source of love. Its waters never stop flowing. Imagine that you are naked or wearing a transparent sundress. You enter the pool and plunge into the water, plunge into love. Feel how it washes all your body., Feel your every cell fill with love.

You swim in this wonderful pool, frolic there and splash. And when you decide to go ashore, you see there the very man, the man of your dreams. He is standing, looking at you and smiling. His gaze is filled with love.

Now imagine that a beautiful flower blooms in your heart. A flower can be any one you like. And from this flower comes a ray of love energy, which is sent straight to the heart of your chosen one. In turn, a ray of energy also comes out of his heart and goes towards your heart. Both of you are connected by a double train of love energy. You bathe in these sensations. And then, finally, come and hug your lover, and he, in turn, hugs you. Feel the happiness that covers you at this moment. Feel how good it is and remember this feeling of happiness. Fully enjoying this moment, you can open your eyes.

The described method of meditation is incredibly effective in its strength!It should be done for two months 2 times a week. During this time, you are fully saturated with the energy of love. Do not tell anyone that you are doing this meditation. Any mocking word spoken to you can destroy energy and a positive attitude.

Short meditation-visualization to attract love

  1. You should do this meditation for a month, every day, giving 3 minutes to it.
  2. Imagine a beautiful, cozy cafe on the coast. You look at the light sea waves, admiring their beauty. At the same time, enjoy fragrant delicious tea or coffee.
  3. You are suited to different people - men and women. They give compliments and give beautiful gifts. You sincerely thank them, feel how pleasant it is to you!
  4. Then a company of people comes to you, among which is He, your favorite man. You are grateful to the heavens and happy, feel it with every cell of your body and open your eyes.

Meditation on love: a quick way

Relax, imagine that you are surrounded by friends and relatives. And you and them well and calmly. Feel that these people are happy too! Imagine how a beam of love is directed straight from your heart towards these people. First send a beam to people you know well. Then send the beam to strangers, and then to those with whom you did not have a relationship. Do it from your heart and soul.

Try to meditate, and you will be able to attract love into your life. You can read special mantras to bring love into your life.. Be happy and loved!

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