Meditation. the path to yourself.

The lotus rises above the water, untouched by mud. Similarly, a person, through meditation, can live in this world of suffering, without being disturbed.

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When you lose touch with your inner silence, you lose yourself. Therefore, on the way to oneself it is very important to feel peace. Being alone, you begin to emit a special energy, very different from those vibrations that emanate from tense or depressed people. When you are calm, an invisible field forms around you where only higher spiritual energy can penetrate. The practice of meditation is directed just so that you find inner peace, come to your Source, manifest Light and Love in yourself. When you begin to meditate, you will feel the omnipresent Presence, which is called God, and you will find it in a snail under your window, in a drop of rain, in a ray of the sun, in yourself.

Meditation is designed to bring grace into your life. Surprisingly, the energy field of a meditating person spreads around him, and people who are nearby also calm down and relax. The main benefit of meditation is in the state that remains after it. Having started to meditate, I stopped being annoyed, succumbing to negative influences, began to live more consciously and began to look not "above", but "deep into."

If you want to find answers to all questions, connect with inner silence and hear the voice of your heart, start meditating!

Prepare for meditation

To meditate, you need to choose a secluded place where you can relax. The pose of meditation is not important. You can sit or lie down. The main thing is to make you comfortable. If the room is cool, it is better to throw a blanket over yourself or put something warm on so that you can not freeze and be able to keep your body warm in a state of immobility. You can light scented candles with a light, unobtrusive smell and turn on soft music. There are many beautiful melodies for meditation sessions. It can be Indian mantras or music without words - as you like best.

Watch from the Heart and listen to yourself

When you have made all the preparations, sit down or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and begin to slowly switch the consciousness from the outside world to the inside world. The first time, thoughts that you are so used to will attract your attention. Therefore, watch what you think about, and as soon as you catch yourself thinking about what shoes to wear tomorrow or it’s time to go to the hairdresser, return your attention to the present moment. The meaning of meditation is to distract from the material world and focus on your inner silence.

Music helps me a lot. I begin to listen to her sounds, and this does not allow outside thoughts to distract me. I listen and gradually begin to dissolve in it, and now it seems to sound "out of me." This is a magical feeling. Setting the breath helps: listen and feel how you breathe. You can use a prayer or its individual words. For example, you can repeat the sound "om", which expresses gratitude.

The main thing - look deep into yourself, at your divine nature. Do not imagine, do not fantasize, but just watch from the side. Look from the Heart. Live from the Heart.

Practice constantly

Constant practice is needed to gain the benefits of meditation. Practice daily, at the same time. Do not be lazy. Everyday life will constantly distract you, but you can’t redo everything. So meditate. And time will gradually appear, because your inner peace will help you to do everything faster, more pleasantly and with better quality. After you experience lightness, joy, liberation and deep peace, through meditation, nothing in the world can distract you from this wonderful practice.

Don't be attached to external goals.

People who constantly practice meditation talk about the blue light of divine love for the whole world, which, as a result of deep relaxation, fills the soul. Your main goal is to relax, calm down, come to terms with yourself, listen to your inner voice. Everything else will come by itself. Just start. You will see how your life will change. Do not expect that you will open the gift of clairvoyance, or you can look to stop cars on the street. External goals are not important. What is inside is changing. Your understanding, awareness, perception.

Turn your life into meditation

There are many types of meditation. You can conduct a meditation of forgiveness, purification, healing, or loving kindness, depending on what internal problems you want to solve. I advise you to look at meditation more broadly than just a separate practice used at a fixed point in time. In fact, meditation is concentration. Reading a book, contemplating nature, prayer is the same meditation. Why not turn your whole life into meditation? If you begin to concentrate attention at the present moment at every moment of your life, you will begin to live more consciously and contemplate the Divine Presence in everything.

Walk in meditation, love in meditation, create in meditation. Let it be part of your beautiful life, light and joy. May she become your guide on your way to yourself. Good luck!

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