Meditation forgiveness of parents

My favorite writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said that "we all come from childhood." And there is. We all came out of this magical country and began our adult journey from it. And in this country we were helped closest and dear people - our parents. Thanks to them, we learned the world, learned to understand and live in it. Unfortunately or fortunately, they also taught us the first lessons of pain. Children’s grievances on dear people are often transferred to everyone else, they bring the deepest suffering, therefore it is so difficult to forgive parents. About why it is so important to forgive, read the article Miracle of Forgiveness.

If you feel that you have an insult to your parents inside, I recommend starting to get rid of it with meditation. No special knowledge is needed for this, it takes only your sincere desire and a little time.

Father's forgiveness

Retire in silence, take a comfortable pose, close your eyes and relax. Imagine a clear sunny day. You slowly walk along the road. Light wind barely touches your skin. Around the green grass, fragrant beautiful flowers. The chirping of birds comes from afar. Near the stream brooks, its water reflects the sun glare. You enjoy the grace and flowering of the new day. Suddenly you see a young man walking down the road to meet you. Visualize his image. From the image comes heat. As a person approaches, you will recognize the features of your father. This is your dad at that age when you were born. He smiles at you, he is glad to see you. He comes very close. Look into his eyes. Feel his love.

Mentally say to your father: "Dad, I love you. I forgive you. For my tears and my pain. I accept you unconditionally, the way you are. I forgive you for your reproaches and your misunderstanding. I feel that you always loved me. I know that you always wished me well and acted out of your love. I forgive your desire to change me and make me the way you wanted. I forgive you for not accepting my hobbies, interests and the fact that I my own way. I forgive you with all my heart. I love you, dad. I thank you for everything you have done for me. I regret my understanding their harsh words, the negative manifestations in relation to you. I'm sorry for everything. You're always in my heart. I love you. "

Say these words, looking into the beautiful eyes of your father. Feel the love. Hug him.

You can turn to Archangel Michael and ask him to cut through all the negative and love-deprived connections between you and your father. You see how Archangel Michael does this, leaving only the bonds of pure, unlimited love between you.

You see how this young man - your dad - becomes a little boy. You squat, look into his eyes, gently and carefully embrace him and say to him: "I love you." You feel how it becomes tiny, like a little pea. You lovingly put it in your heart.

Mother's forgiveness

You go further along the road, watching how it became lighter, warmer around. It's easier for you to go. Breathe deep air clean. Exhale slowly. Suddenly you notice that the silhouette is moving towards you. He reminds you of something dear and close. A warm light comes from it. You recognize your mother in silhouette at the age when she gave birth to you. You see her young and amazingly beautiful. Her face glows with joy. You are coming. And here is your mom next. Look at her affectionate, clean and kind eyes.

Silently say, "Mom, I love you. I forgive you. For my childhood pain and resentment, for your severity and misunderstanding, for the fears that live in me. I forgive you for your inattention and irritation. Thank you for I was near that I brought up and loved me. Forgive me for my rude, reckless words, discontent and stupid tricks. I know that you always gave me the last and wanted only good. I also always loved you, although I sometimes forgot about it. I forgive you you, for everything you did and could not do for me. I accept you for what you are. I love you, mom. Forgive me, please. "

Look into your mother's eyes, feel love, joy, and peace. Hug her and take a deep breath. Ask Archangel Michael to cut all the loveless bonds between mother and you, look at how he does this, leaving only the bonds of unconditional love between you. You see how a young woman, your mother, becomes a little girl. You get down on your knees, look into her radiant eyes, hug and say: "I love you." You feel that in your warm embraces this girl becomes tiny, like a pea. And you lovingly put it in your heart.

Forgiveness of oneself

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You continue along this road. You feel an unspeakable lightness and release from the burden of insults. You are filled with love. And suddenly you see a girl coming to meet you. It is coming, and in it you recognize yourself. She smiles at you. Look into her eyes, call her name and say: "I love you. I forgive you for everything you did in this life. Thank you for everything that happened. Forgive me." You hug her and feel how she becomes small a girl. You sit down in front of her, hug and say: "I love you." You feel the child begin to shrink and become small, like a pea. You put it in your heart with love and affection.

Now in your wondrous heart live three children, three smiling, bright and happy faces. There is so much love inside you!

Thank Archangel Michael for help and support.

You are love

You go on your way further. You are easy and good. You are free. Look how beautiful the flowers have become. Bend over, inhale their scent, take a deep breath. Feel the joy. Feel the love. Sit a little in silence. Enjoy the new sensations of peace and grace. Imagine how waves of light and heat emanate from your heart and flow into your parents. Thank them for the meditation. Smile and open your eyes. All is well. You are Love.

Especially for - Katerina Sent

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