Mandala therapy for healing the soul

Each of us tend to think in images. But the level of awareness of these images in people is different, first of all, because of the action of psychological defense mechanisms. If a terrible event occurred before our eyes and wounded the soul, an unconscious defense mechanism is often used to relieve us of pain. It limits the ability to recognize images, sounds, sensations and perceive the surrounding reality as a whole. This is how the perception of reality is distorted. Limitations of the unconscious begin to affect our lives, family relationships and professional careers.

The essence of mandala therapy

Mandala therapy is an effective tool for solving psychological problems at a deep level. Working with the mandala, we open up our internal resources and restore our integrity. This happens naturally, naturally. After interacting with its deep essence through the mandala, the problem falls from the sphere of the unconscious into the consciousness. So we can see the problem, realize it and, working on it, heal that part of ourselves, the integrity of which was broken by feelings and pain.

This Mandala Therapy's unique ability to awaken sensual experience beyond the rational mind, without the efforts of the intellect, which is based on stereotypes and schemes, helps self-awareness and makes the mandala an effective psychotherapeutic tool.

Who can benefit from mandala therapy?

The word "therapy" means "treatment." Mandala heals, but does not heal itself, but we heal ourselves by interacting with it. When we talk about mandala therapy, this does not at all mean our mental distress, disorder or insanity. Distortion of the perception of pure reality is the problem of each of us. We all face psychological difficulties and experiences. Being aware of our imperfections, aware of internal problems, we understand where we need to go. And then we become more conscious, more harmonious, happier. therefore Mandala therapy is a method that suits everyone and has no contraindications..

What is a mandala?

Mandala is a symbolic image of the Universe or our inner world in the form of a circle.. Often a square is inscribed in a mandala: the four directions correspond to the four cardinal points of the world. In psychotherapy, drawing, building or weaving a mandala does not have rigid restrictions and rules, as in religion. It is born spontaneously in the free expression of our experiences. The external form of the mandala reflects a specific situation, but the main thing is not in the form, but in the center - the source from which the energy comes, this is an expression of the essence, origin. Mandala is an energy matrix that interacts with a person and connects it to a healing source., regardless of whether a person is aware of this deep multi-dimensional process.

How to work with a mandala?

Mandalas can be drawn, weaved from threads, built from multi-colored sand, made from metal, stone, wood. So we release the hidden inside and describe it as symbols. You can also work with ready-made mandalas that are aimed at solving specific problems. Simple contemplation of the circle of the mandala for a few minutes with a concentration on it heals, fills with lively energy. Even being in the space where the mandala is placed, a person becomes more balanced and harmonious. Mandala is a kind of code, the language of the spiritual world, which refers to a person through his Heart..

The appearance of the mandala in psychotherapy

Karl Jung was the first to introduce the idea of ​​a mandala to Western researchers. In his autobiography, he says that, by drawing mandalas, he found: each drawing reflects his inner life at a particular moment. Exploring our drawings, you can see how our development and restoration of integrity takes place. Images come from the unconscious, aware that we can heal ourselves and find harmony with our original essence.

Mandala reflects the soul's desire for self-realization.. The circle that we represent calls for our inner parts to manifest themselves and begin to interact with each other. therefore during the creation of the mandala, stress relief and the resolution of intrapersonal conflicts take place. Drawing a circle, we create a sacred place in the world where all our forces and energies are concentrated.

Mandala Therapy

The world is a mystery for a man, the attainment of which is possible only through the understanding and discovery of his inner secret. Through the mandala, we show our current inner state, aspirations and desires. A person comprehends himself through a mandala, realizes and opens his deep essence. This is a map of inner reality that supports psychological development. The images of the mandala are not real, they are only a projection of our own consciousness. That is why Mandala is a unique tool of self-knowledge, with the help of which you can solve many internal problems by practicing mandala therapy.

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