Mandala of desires

Often we dream that our life will change soon. Improve financial position, health, relationships with loved ones. We try to do something, make efforts, and our dreams remain dreams. But There is a very simple and affordable tool to help the fulfillment of a dream. Need to draw her! And the easiest way to use for this image of the mandala.

Dream visualization

The laws of the universe are such that it very accurately responds to our thoughts, words and images. Eventually, we get what we most often think, talk and imagine. So we attract certain energies into our lives, which we also radiate. Many years ago, our ancestors used to communicate icons, symbols and signs - images that are recorded in the mind and subconscious, and then reproduced in reality.

Any desire formulated in detail and expressed in a drawing is hundreds of times more likely to become a reality.. The whole Universe helps to realize it.

Important conditions for the fulfillment of desires

  • It is necessary to keep the dream a secret. Let it be something sacred, inviolable and carefully guarded.
  • We must believe that the dream will come true! The scriptures say, "According to your faith be it unto you."
  • Your desire must be sincere, necessarily specific, life-affirming and good, good, love.

Mandala and its properties

Mandala is a magic circle., symbol of unity, perfection and infinity. Drawing a circle, we collect into it all that we feel, what we desire. We put our core inside the circle., we fill its space with our energies and create a protective, coastal field. All that is beyond the circle of the mandala is the outside world.

When drawing a mandala, it is important to concentrate, let go of all extraneous thoughts, retire, and then draw from the outer boundary of the circle inward. Thus, we gradually move inward.

Drawing mandala

Tune in, set aside half an hour (hour) in order to sit in silence. Prepare all the necessary tools: paper, pencil, compass, ruler, color pencils, crayons or paints.

Draw a circle. You can use a compass or just circle a plate with a diameter of 20-30 cm. Relax, close your eyes and think about the desire, about your cherished dream. Present it in the form of a certain image, symbols. Think about the color of your desire. Then make a sketch of the mandala, using a simple pencil, without ceasing to think about the dream. Color the mandala. Come up with some kind of soul-warming name for her. Write, if you will, your desire above or inside it.

it magic mandala. It contains your invisible energy, which gives a request to the Universe. You can place the mandala in the bedroom, hang in a prominent place or hide under the pillow, or you can carry it with you in the diary. Communicate with the mandala every day, call it by name, remember your dream. She will surely come true. When this happens, thank your creation for helping to achieve the desired!

Deciphering the mandala pattern

By drawing a mandala, we always unconsciously create our own personal characters, which reflect what we are at this moment in time. Often we also depict some traditional forms, the meaning of which tells about what we subconsciously strive for and what is happening in our life now.

  • Squaresymbolizes stability, balance, rationality, and the ability to translate spiritual designs into material form.
  • Triangletalks about the direction of human thoughts. If the top of the figure is directed upwards, it speaks of courage, activity, and a desire to create. With the orientation of the top of the triangle down, we can talk about the desire of man to destruction.
  • A circle symbolizes a sense of integrity, security, orderliness in thoughts and feelings.
  • The form cross characterizes a person who is at the crossroads and who has to make a choice of a path, set new goals and take important steps towards them.
  • Spiralindicates a cyclical development and progress. In this case, the direction of rotation of the spiral is important. If the spiral rotates on the right side, then this is the way of creation. The spinning spiral symbolizes the energy of destruction.
  • Startalks about a person’s confidence, his sense of security, freedom, spirituality.

  • A heartspeaks of the presence in the thoughts and life of love, courage, appreciation, gratitude, happiness, openness, enlightenment.
  • If there is an image in the drawing eyes, then it testifies to the active energy of the sun and the ability to clairvoyance.
  • Flowersin the painted mandala indicate the harmony, beauty, energy of awakening. Lotus - especially symbolic image. Its root symbolizes life in the material world, and the stem in the spiritual world. It is a flower of freedom, purity, devotion and love for God.
  • Labyrinthsays that you are in search of the origin, its essence.

Working with a mandala allows you to penetrate into the depths of your inner self and meet with you.. On the effectiveness of mandala therapy, read the article Mandala therapy for the healing of the soul.

By drawing and releasing our creative energy, we get rid of problems and anxieties, harmonize our own state, become balanced and peaceful. Our desires reach the level of perception of the universe, and it responds to them, turning it into reality. Such is the magical power of opening yourself and trusting the world.

Draw, dream and be happy!


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