Low self-esteem of a woman - heart-to-heart talk

One of the main reasons why we cannot feel happy and fill ourselves with power is our negative attitude towards ourselves. If a woman considers herself irregular, insignificant, unworthy, worthless, she will not be able to accumulate internal energy in herself and radiate it into the surrounding space. She will not attract those who will appreciate and cherish her, but those who will treat her the same way as she herself will be disdainful.

Why not out of an ugly duckling - in a beautiful swan, but vice versa?

Many of our complexes come from childhood. From happy girls, we grow up in the notorious women, because during our childhood, day after day we heard: “This is not for you,” “Where are your eyes?”, “Put in place”, “Shut up”, “I am not talking to you "," Leave me alone "and everything like that. Familiar? The child is accustomed to obey their parents, because these are the main people for him. So, if mom said that I was scared, so it is, if dad called a stupid, then it is true. Parents! Stop crippling your children! All that you say in your hearts and forget in a minute - in your child’s heart you hear pain all your life. Have pity on your children!

So there are women who believe that they are unworthy of courtship, gifts, compliments, love and attention. They are afraid to depend on someone, to be abandoned. They are content with little and do not dream of more, preferring a bird in the hand to a crane in the sky, they do not talk about their dreams, because they dare not dream, they are engaged in an unloved affair, because nobody has taught them to love. They do not believe in themselves, in their attractiveness and femininity, in their intelligence and kindness, so they marry the first one who called. Can such a woman be happy?

How to believe in yourself?

If you recognize yourself, then for the beginning admit that you dislike yourself. Make a list of your shortcomings (as you think): clumsy, slow, ugly, proud, etc. Write everything you would like to change in yourself. And now look at yourself. What are you clumsy, if you just love to touch all the objects in your path? What are you slow, if you really - slow, unruly and carry yourself like a precious vase? What are you ugly, if it is difficult to look away from the mirror? How proud are you if you just know your worth? Work on each accusation, replacing it with a positive statement.. Did? Destroy the list of imperfections. Forget about him, he was gone! You've been methodically searching for fad for him for many years already and haven't become happier. Enough!

Now take a blank sheet of paper and write at least thirty of your merits. Do not be lazy! This is the least you can do for yourself. If you cook delicious pilaf, write. If you know how to hammer nails, write. If you manage to throw a bag of garbage into the container with 10 steps and hit the target, write. If your eyes glitter amazingly when the candles flicker, write. See how easy it is! It turns out you have no price! Give yourself compliments and notice your strengths every day. Take it as a rule to daily find in yourself some kind of new "plus" and collect these pluses as precious stones.

Each of us is a diamond

In fact, all women are naturally beautiful! Therefore, do not even doubt your uniqueness and remarkableness. A woman with low self-esteem cannot truly accept love, because she will constantly doubt the sincerity of her partner. And if she cannot believe, then she cannot give, give pure love. Is it possible to deprive yourself of this magical feeling, for the sake of which we live? Each of us is a diamond that needs to be polished and cleaned of the garbage of negative attitudes about itself. Therefore - for the work! Learn to see the beautiful in yourself, then others will be able to see this beautiful.

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