Love to your body

Love is a deep impulse to be one with all. By ceasing to treat your own body and appearance with criticism and rejection, you will be able to love yourself and accept the characteristics of another person. After all, all your exactingness, ruffiness and cavils to those around you come from the fact that you do not love and do not know how to accept yourself as you are. Only by learning to love God in yourself can you find God in your neighbor. It will help you an amazing method of making your own body - reading affirmations.

Stay alone with you

This method is well described in Louise Hay’s book, Heal Yourself and Your Life. Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense, the reading of which is perceived by our brain as an already existing reality. As a result, what we dream about is coming true. For the session of the revival of love for your body, choose a time when you can retire and be distracted from extraneous sounds. Take a comfortable position, relax. Turn on the calm music without words or just sit in silence. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, imagining how the air passes easily and freely through your body, fills it with health and leaves it just as calmly, taking all that is superfluous. Start speaking out loud affirmations. You can do this by looking in the mirror: it is easier to talk, seeing someone in front of you. You can pronounce any affirmations. It is better to supplement them with your own thoughts and think about what you can thank your body for. The main rule is to fill the words with love.

I love you, my body!

My body! Glorious and beautiful! You are amazing! Thank you! You give me joy, health, energy. Thanks to you, I can love, feel, learn, see, hear, speak. I can create and travel. You are the only thing that accompanies me on the path of my life! Forgive me for not paying you enough attention and not giving you enough love! Now I can say: I love you, my dear body!

I love my head, which gives me creative ideas, helps to understand, think and memorize! I love you, head! I love my face! It radiates light, kindness, softness. It helps me to smile and see the beautiful. I love you, face! I love you, hands, for the fact that thanks to you I can distinguish softness and hardness, touch the delicate petals of wildflowers and river surface, hug my loved ones and draw pictures, share food with a beggar and stroke his son's head. Thank you, my warm and kind hands! I love you! I love my strong legs, which give me support, strength, a sense of confidence and reliability. Thanks to you, I can walk in the woods, run a race with the wind, pedal a bicycle and dance on the seashore. I love you, legs! I love my back, giving the feeling of strength, support. My spine is healthy, flexible and even. I love you, my back! Every part of my body - I love you! I fill you with the energy of love, body! I see you even more beautiful, fit and slim. You are perfect! I love you, my body!

Trust the wisdom of the body

Hug yourself and sit in silence for a while. You will immediately feel lightness, joy, a feeling of satisfaction, because at this moment you showed love and put it into every word. You can listen to your body. What do you think it will tell you? Listen to his needs and advice - trust his wisdom. It is recommended to pronounce affirmations in the morning or in the evening every day. Begin to show respect for the body and love it, treat it as the greatest creation of God. And it will respond to you with gratitude, health, excellent well-being and beauty.

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Take a step towards

Is it hard for you to believe that someone can really love you? If so, then it speaks of your dissatisfaction with your own body, so it’s hard to imagine that someone might want or admire him. This can be a very big problem in your relationship with your loved one. You need to understand: in order for someone to love your body, it is important to accept it and love it. Otherwise, the vibrations of your rejection, criticism and self-judgment can push a person close by.

Allow yourself to be attractive, love every mole on your body, and it will begin to respond to your love and begin to change and be transformed before your eyes. On the other methods of awakening the love of self, read the article Learn to love and accept your body. Take a step towards your body. Show love, care, tenderness towards him right now. Tell him something nice. Speak and watch with love! Pronounce affirmations. Good luck!

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