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I want to tell you about one very simple, but effective method of relief from pain and resentment towards other people. This method is described in the book "Radical Karma", which was written by Colin Tipping. The meaning of the method is to write letters. Letters of forgiveness.

Letter of forgiveness

The fact is that genuine forgiveness will occur only when you give way to your depressed emotions that are associated with an unforgiven person. You can throw them on a regular sheet of paper. To do this, take a pen and write a letter where you will tell about everything that you feel, that you care, why it is so difficult for you to forgive.

Be frank. Unleash your emotions, let yourself be free of them. Of course, you will have to remember everything again and go through pain, but this is the only way to let go of the insult.

Your letter will consist of five blocks, in each of which you need to consistently describe your feelings. Start it with these words:

Dear, dear, beloved, beautiful, kind (name of man). I am writing this letter to you in order to share my feelings and convey to you what is happening inside me.

Feeling of anger

Tell the person why you are angry with him. Do not be afraid to be cruel and straightforward. Call a spade a spade. Be sincere, allow yourself to express your emotions to the depths. The following phrases will help you:

I am angry, angry, enraged ... I am upset and do not find a place for myself ... I don't like it at all ... I want to change...

Disappointment and pain

Then tell about your pain. What is she like? How do you feel her? How does it manifest itself? It can be physical discomfort (everything inside me shrinks, I find it difficult to speak, I stop seeing and hearing everything that happens around me, my heart starts to hurt, etc.) or just the appearance of certain emotional states (sadness, melancholy, self-doubt , unwillingness to live, etc.). Tell me frankly about your pain. Use phrases:

I am disappointed and offended ... I am sadly ill at heart ... It hurts me ... I want to...

Feeling of fear

Any offense is accompanied by fear. You are afraid for your future, for how your relationship with this person will develop further. You are scared because you understand that the burden of resentment will not allow you to be free and enjoy every moment of life. Write about how you are worried about what worries you and does not allow you to live in peace. Pay special attention to the description of the reason why you are afraid to forgive. Apply the following words:

I am worried and scared ...

I'm afraid to forgive you ...

I do not want... I need, I need ... I'm dreaming...


Perhaps, in your quarrel with a man, you allowed yourself words and actions for which you are ashamed. This happens often. Do not judge yourself, do not blame. Just admit openly that your behavior is not the best. Understand that this is a normal process: we all can be hurt by others under the influence of emotions. Honestly say that you realize this and regret it. You can help these phrases:

I'm sorry it happened ... I am ashamed and unpleasant ... I'm sorry I did not want ... Forgive me...

I want to...

Forgiveness, gratitude and love

At the final stage of the letter you need to affirmatively report that you forgive. Even if you don't feel it, write. Thank the person for letting you experience. Gratitude is most important in the process of forgiveness. When you thank the other, express your deep appreciation for the path that has passed, for the inner work and for the understanding that you have discovered, you let go of the whole load of attachments to this problem. If inside you do not have feelings of love, gratitude to the person, do not be surprised. Forgiveness takes time. Just write as you would write in case of a positive result. Be sure to confess love to a person, no matter how difficult it may be. Use the following words:

I forgive you... I love you...

Thank you... I understand and accept ... With love, ...

Response letter

Having done such an important work on yourself, read your letter out loud. Think about each word, speak with full penetration, feel the depth of everything that has been discovered and extracted from the secret places of the heart.

Now go to the second part of the methodology and write a response letter to yourself on behalf of an unforgiven person. Let there be exactly those words that you would like to hear. Write, getting the words "from the inside", do not be guided by logic or your ideas about a person. Write as you would write yourself. You will be surprised how much love and light will be in this letter. You will physically feel how warmth flows into your heart, cleansing and transforming it.

Consider the following phrases:

Dear, beloved, bright, pure ... (your name), I read your letter and now I answer. I am very grateful to you for opening my heart and sharing your feelings, feelings, fears. I understand and realize .... I regret... I was afraid of the coward ... I want you to know ... Forgive me...

I'm dreaming...

I love you... With love,...


When you write both letters, you will feel deep changes inside you. I promise. Even if the insult does not go away, it will become much less. Your work on yourself will start the healing process, and you will be able to look at the situation differently.

If you feel the need for personal contact with your abuser, meet with him. Before the meeting, be sure to tune in, calming yourself and saying a prayer to create a space of pure, divine love. Read the man your letter of forgiveness and ask him to read your reply to this letter. This method really works. You will succeed. I believe! Believe and you!

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