Learning to love and take your body

Take care of your body.

This is the only place that

you have to live.

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The body is a house in which we have to live for some time, so it is important to treat it with respect, care and love. It has long been established that it is in the absence of self-love that the true causes of many diseases lie. If we truly love ourselves, the body will be healthy and full of energy. The body is a connection with the outside world, a wonderful and perfect tool of knowledge. How to learn to accept and love him? This will be our conversation.

Watch what you eat

The first thing we talk about - nutrition. It may seem to you that you love yourself, but if you eat junk food and drink alcohol, I can say with full responsibility - you do not love yourself. A person who truly loves himself will not poison the house in which he lives. We used to take care of the car, pets and children, buying the best for them, but continue to poison ourselves with preservatives, instant noodles and energy drinks. Listen to your body. She knows everything and sends you signals. Pay attention to the foods that give you energy, and those that take it away.. Lack of energy, fatigue, skin rashes, problems with digestion, excess weight are signs that toxins have accumulated in the body, and it gives you a sign that it is time to clean it, release it and return lightness and health. Remember: attention to what you eat is a manifestation of self-love.

Talk to the body

Watch you talk to the body. Listen to your inner speech. What do you say to him: my beloved, beautiful, expensive or ugly, useless, disgusting? If you said this to another person, what would he say? Remember the body needs love and when you criticize it, it starts to suffer. Better talk to him humanly, ask for forgiveness. Tell him: "Why do you have to be like in magazines? You are unique and beautiful! You know better than me what I need, that's why you collect those kilos on your hips so that I feel warm and secure. You tell me when I appear in a new place: it’s bad here, I have to leave. And how you made me a child is not understand my mind: how a new person developed and creped inside you, and when it was time to accept work, you sent me a signal and gave a wonderful result. Who else can do this? Forgive me, my love. I will no longer blame you. Mu doesn't like you, it's his problem. I know you're amazing. I love you. "

Move and relax

Your body loves to move, so be sure to provide him with physical activity: skis, skates, dances, bicycles, roller skates, gymnastics, jogging, tennis - choose whatever you like. If you are indifferent to the sport, just go! Walking is very useful for the body, they not only give it movement and fresh air, but also give shine to the eyes.

Learn to relax, free your body from tension and clamps that block energy and make your movements and gestures inharmonious.. Watch the cat: how easy and natural it is to relax, while remaining attentive. There is a wonderful exercise "Shavasana", which is already thousands of years old. We already talked about him in a separate article "Learning to relax. Shavasana." This is a method of deep relaxation of the body, which gives calm and tranquility, relieves from clamps and blocks and smoothes wrinkles. Practice it!

Take care of your body

Wrap your body with love. Give him fragrant foam baths, douche, massage. Make face masks, hair, use scrub and cream. After all the body is like a child responsive to caring cheerful and sincere laugh. Wear beautiful clothes in which your body is comfortable. Make a dress and skirt a must-have piece of clothing. An acquaintance of mine conducted an experiment - I did not wear trousers for a year. The result was a wonderful change in life. She showed herself that she is a woman, and the world reacted to this understanding and presented her with a meeting with her lover, a wonderful mood, a revival of softness and grace - of genuinely feminine qualities. Choose clothes of light and beautiful bright colors (black color absorbs your energy). Let light flowing fabrics, heels and, of course, accessories be in your wardrobe. Remember that you are a goddess!

Motivation to action

Often, when I recommend girlfriends to look at themselves in love with their eyes and start taking care of their body, I hear in response: "For whom? I have no incentive. I am lonely" or "I have been married for many years. No one will notice. Everyone is used to see me like that. Why change? " Girls dear! Everything that we do in this life, we do for our loved ones. All our emotions and feelings come from within. When caring for your body, we evoke pleasant emotions, a feeling of joy and admiration. Why should we praise friends and passers-by if, ultimately, we can give ourselves love ourselves? Here is an incentive! Look at yourself in the mirror and sparkle! Love yourself! And the love of the world will not hesitate to break into your life, for like attracts like. So tomorrow morning, when you open your beautiful eyes, do not forget to say hello to your body, smile at him, wish good morning and tell about how much you love him!

Learn to admire

Probably, you have often admired the beauty of a tree, a flower or a butterfly. Learn to also admire your own body - the most perfect creature of nature. I will reveal a little secret: as soon as a woman begins to love herself and accept what she is, she becomes much more beautiful. This happens amazingly fast. therefore love your body, protect it and surround it with care and affection. Good luck!

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