Learn from nature. tree.

Do you want me to tell you about the secrets of the tree? Look at him. Calmness, nature, holiness, which are present in it, is a gift to every living person. You and me. The tree says, "Look and learn! Grow deep peace and quiet in yourself." Of all the living creatures of our wonderful planet, it is the tree that is closest to man in the energy spectrum of the biofield. Maybe that's why it is so difficult sometimes to look away from this miracle. Maybe that's why sometimes you want to become a tree.

Two entities

We have a lot in common with trees. Much more than it seems at first glance. Each tree has its "ground essence" (trunk, branches, leaves, flowers) - that which is on the surface, and "underground essence" (roots) - thanks to which the tree stably keeps in the ground. You also have your own "ground" essence - the outer life. This is your wardrobe and your food, the position that you occupy, your friends, your favorite places. This is what everyone can see. What is on the surface. Your "underground" essence is the inner life. It stores desires and dreams, values ​​and beliefs. No one sees this, but this is exactly what feeds you. This is you. You are real. Like the chest in which children's fairy tales about stars are hidden, the heroes of their favorite books live, the memories of the happiest moments of life are hidden, the promises given once to themselves are waiting for their time. Only this part of you has true meaning. It is she who forms you, creates and defines your every step, even if you do not realize it.

The tree of your life: what is it?

Let's do the test. Take a sheet of paper, pencils and draw a tree. Imagine your life in the form of a tree. What will it be? Strong or fragile? Fluffy, blooming or tired and lethargic? Joyful, open, spreading branches to meet the sunlight, or drowsy, inclined to the ground, curled and cut off from the whole world? What is your life like?

If the picture says that the tree of your life is not healthy, it means that the balance between the two entities, external and internal, is disturbed. most importantly - their inner world. But your light wants to break out and illuminate everything around, your inner voice whispers softly: "Stop." If you ignore these requests, it may turn out that the external entity will affect your internal state. Do you know what will happen next? It will be easier for you to freak you out, you will not be able to finish a single business, you will be afraid of changes, you will begin to depend on the weather, the mood of the people around you. You will forget how to love, stop giving. You will not live. For real. To make the tree happy and give wonderful fruits, it is necessary to take care of it: water it, nourish its roots, and get rid of dried branches and leaves. If you do only the second, the tree dies. Help your tree, save it! Smile and look into your heart.

Can you give?

A very important lesson the tree gives us is to be able to give. Do you know why you breathe? The tree gives you oxygen. The tree gives you its fruits. Its strong branches shelter you from rain and heat. Your house is built of wood, the chair on which you are sitting is made, the paper on which you write is made. The tree burns in fire to give you warmth. Wood is the material for a boat in which you float along a quiet river surface.

Can you share so disinterestedly? Can you become a raft for someone or give the warmth of your beautiful soul?

Adoption lesson

Another wisdom gives you a tree - learn to accept! The tree stands in the autumn wind, experiencing the cold winter and the scorching rays of the summer sun. Despite the constant change of weather and seasons, the tree enjoys every moment. It takes its natural essence and follows it in peace and goodness.

Look at the maple leaf that separates from the branch. He falls barely audibly, circling in the air, as if performing a dance. He flies to the ground, he dies. But how much inner silence in it, how much grace and peace. Leaves do not fall in fear, fear or anger. They leave with joy, beautifully, dancing for the last time for their own tree. Learn to calmly accept the inevitable.

Open your eyes!

See how much you can learn from the trees. Look at them more often. Talk to them, hug, listen. Trees will reveal their secrets to you, calm you down, take away negative energy. Thank them, open their hearts to them.

So much wonder around! Miracles are near. Just open your eyes.

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com - Katerina Sent

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