Learn from nature. butterfly.

Learn from nature! Constantly learn. Watch the stars and the flowers, catch the touches of the wind, see how alone the trees are. Contemplate from the depths. Not with your mind, but with your heart. Without thinking, but taking. From deep awareness.

Let's remember how a butterfly flutters. Her joyous joy and vitality, ease and freedom are often strongly contrasted with a person's inner state - fears, worries, anxieties. How can we learn to dwell in the only moment "here and now", to live in harmony and joy, in the inexpressible beauty of flight, like a butterfly?

Let's learn!

Do not resist, but take

The first thing to do is to calmly observe the silent movement of the butterfly, or simply close your eyes and present it. The butterfly does not envy anyone and does not cry that its life is so short. She just lives. Now. This second. Not resistance, but acceptance. It is itself, and in this phenomenon there is an invisible majesty, dignity, depth, even some holiness. How calm and how easy the butterfly soars! To see it, just look, not giving ratings, but feeling the ineffable wisdom of nature, which can only be comprehended by the heart. This harmony and the greatness of the life of a butterfly is perfection, in which all nature abides, it is inside you.

Strive for the light

The miracle of the butterfly's life is that it turns into a "revived flower", moving through different states of manifestation: from a nondescript caterpillar and a lifeless cocoon to a beautiful creature. This touching transformation teaches you one important thing: do not wallow in the routine and bustle of life (do not be a caterpillar), escape from the captivity of stereotypes (throw them away at the symbolic death stage - the “doll”) and remember that you are a divine spiritual essence, able to ascend to the light, transform into a free and beautiful butterfly. You are much broader than your daily chores and concerns, than your body and its attachments. You are a beautiful Soul, in which is the whole world.

Do not complain about fate, but thank her

Understand that thinking based on the principle “I want everything and at once” is unnatural. Nature is so laid down that in order to get something, you need to go through a series of metamorphoses, prepare yourself, learn, make an effort. To get beautiful wings, light legs, graceful proboscis, the butterfly passes the way when the caterpillar dies like a caterpillar, when a new birth takes place inside the pupa due to the extinction of the old. The fact that for the caterpillar - the end of the world, for the butterfly - the beginning of life.

Remember the parable of a man who, watching the process of the birth of a butterfly from a cocoon, decided to help her and hurt it. When a butterfly is born, it trains its wings, these efforts are very important for it: if its wings do not get stronger, it will die when the wind blows for the first time. Therefore, do not quit fate for being too strict. Any obstacle in your path gives you strength and gives you the opportunity to go further.

Live in the present moment, easily and slowly

See how gracefully and calmly a butterfly flutters. Sometimes her life lasts only a day, but she does not want to live it in a hurry. The butterfly enjoys every moment, it is in the present moment, it is inside.

People turn their lives into eternal runs: get to work faster, redo everything, quickly get lunch right at your desk, then work and run home again, quickly cook dinner, have dinner, spend time on the Internet and go to bed. One program every day. Did you recognize yourself? Where is the contemplation of the beautiful, being in inner silence, awareness of the beauty of the world in your life? Life passes, but you do not live!

If you learn from the butterfly, you can keep up with everything without haste and fuss, just planning and distributing time correctly. Write everything in the diary to prevent a confused flow of thoughts. Stop yourself, be in the here and now moment. Enjoy delicious tea, walk in the park, admiring the treetops, meditate, spin like a butterfly. Feel yourself like this beautiful, free being. Just be. It is so easy!

And a few more important words ...

To understand how a butterfly lives, you need to become it. At least for a while, at least mentally. We talked with you about what wisdom is in the life of this beautiful creature. In fact, learning from a butterfly can not only be easy, strong, striving for light and harmony. You can learn a lot from her.

Look how tender she is. Butterflies flutter carefully and weightlessly, playing with each other and making relationships. Be the same gentle with your beloved, bring lightness, beauty, harmony into your relationship. Learn tenderness!

See how beautiful the butterfly is. How wonderfully picked up the colors in her coloring nature. If you can't choose a wardrobe, look at the butterflies. Wiser and thinner than nature, no one will choose the color range. Learn beauty!

Finally, it is not by chance that the term "butterfly effect" is associated with this wonderful creature on earth. Everything you think about, what you say, what you do, with what energy you go to people, does not disappear without a trace, everything stays with you. Not forgiven. I did not apologize. Did not thank. Left everything to "later", because life is long. Look at the butterflies. Do you have time?


Stop and look at the road covered. Now is the best moment to feel like a beautiful butterfly and take off. Let's spread our wings together and soar easily, smiling and enjoying the feeling of weightlessness and peace. Forward - towards the light and joy!

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