Iyengar yoga

Increasing communication in the modern world has generated a massive wave of information exchange, knowledge of the lifestyle of different cultures and the possibility of using the achievements of other nationalities. Iyengar yoga has been spread due to the human need for spiritual development. Western trends, talking about the primacy of money over everything, are collapsing in constant battle with the development of the inner world of man. Yes, without money it is very difficult to live in modern urbanized cities. But there are a number of things that can make you happy without investing much money ...

Eastern teachings (Iyengar yoga) can free to introduce the world of self-knowledge and spiritual development. The creator of the methodology was B.К.S. Iyengar, familiar with the field of possibilities of yoga firsthand: his teaching activity lasts more than 60 years. There are several writings of yoga gurus:

  1. Deepik's Yoga. Clearing Yoga. Weekly describes how to perform a sequence of asanas, which makes it easier for you to learn yoga exercises yourself. For practicing at home, this book may claim to be a "tabletop", indicating the path to enlightenment.
  2. "The Light of Life: Yoga" describes Iyengar's method, by which he expounds his system of interaction with the external and internal world, the foundations of the philosophy of yoga.

The uniqueness of the system

Unlike other exercises, Iyengar yoga allows the use of various aids: belts, chairs, blankets, bricks, etc. Thanks to the recognition of each person as special, unique, the use of improvised items is popular in this trend of yoga. They help to relax, get rid of the inconvenience to dive into the inner world. A person can fully concentrate only in the case of a comfortable body condition, therefore Iyengar suggested using various means to perform asanas.

In the Iyengar centers they suggest the principles of working with the physical body, insist on performing the exercise with reliance on the capabilities of the body, and not on colorful pictures from the magazine. The intermediate goal on the way to the enlightened consciousness is a healthy and harmonious body, which can be achieved after long hard training, long-term performance of a particular established sequence of asanas. Only after mastering the basics can you move to a higher level. Thanks to an individual approach to each person, training is minimally traumatic. The possibility of performing one or another exercise for the prevention of inconveniences, bruises, and injuries is constantly checked. The main principle is the "non-violence", involving the execution of tasks with a minimal sense of discomfort.

Iyengar Yoga for women

The Iyengar method distinguishes in a special way exercises for women, taking into account the peculiarities of their body, the structure of the body. Yoga for women was created by Iyengar together with her daughter, Gita, who later wrote the best-selling book "Yoga is a jewel for a woman." Complexes of exercises help to gain self-confidence, to understand desires and needs, to maintain health from the outside and inside. Iyengar’s existing yoga centers offer special classes for women, also offering face-shaping, a series of exercises designed to relax and strengthen facial muscles. Thanks to the developed complexes, the skin is kept healthy, young and smooth.

In general, it can be noted that Iyengar yoga has no age or other restrictions. Its implementation requires smoothness, concentration and concentration. In this case, a more serious result is achieved, which allows achieving physical transformations and revising one's own views on the life and structure of this world.

We wish to find our meaning in life, to achieve happiness and enlightenment!

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