It will be all so

Do you think that successful and happy people have always been like this? No, they just learned to think correctly and direct their thoughts in the right direction. You look forward to asking what is needed for this? Everything is not so fast, you need to restructure your consciousness a little.

For the correct fulfillment of the desire, it is necessary to clearly formulate it, strongly to want and then let go!

So, we formulate the desire.

It is important to understand whether you really need this desire, or it is simply imposed on you by the stereotypes of society. You must want him with all your heart and soul without hesitation; if there are hesitations, then perhaps this is not your desire. For example, you want to become a socialite: drive an expensive car, go to trendy clubs and be very popular, but imagine that you have achieved this, will you really be happy? Honestly ask yourself the question, why do you need it? Maybe you have a desire, thanks to which you can be more realized as a person. There is one good way to check this by answering questions.

Why do you need it?

-So I will be fine.

For what purpose?

Well, it's prestigious ...

What for?

To be better than others

What goal will you achieve by doing this?

I will do it in order ....

As you can see, a person who has clearly his own, and not an imposed goal is unlikely to respond that way.

And then the truth will open before you. Maybe in childhood you were often humiliated and said that you can not do anything and now you want to prove with all your might that you are worth something? Or maybe you are afraid to live in such a society and you want to climb a step higher to feel more secure? And from this point of reference it is necessary to find your true path that will lead you to happiness. So are you sure that you need to strive for higher society? For this you want to spend your time, energy and energy? If you have firmly decided that yes, it is quite possible that this is your true path, and so you will be happy.

And do not think that only one way is always correct. You can achieve and fulfillment of several desires at once, if you clearly determine that you need it at the moment. And when you make a clear and confident order to the universe, it will no longer be able to resist you and will begin the fulfillment of your desires.

2) The next item is to write your wish. This is an important rule. But here it is important not just to write it, but to write it correctly. You need to write in as much detail as possible and without negations. For example:

I do not want to be fat - wrong!

I want to lose weight - come down!

I want to lose 10 kg by the spring, to be radiant and healthy, to catch admiring glances of men - great!

The more concrete there is in the written desire, the more accurately it will be fulfilled, and do not use the particle not.

Write your desire with all the love, putting effort into each letter. Remember, as a child, you were asked to assign each letter, and you tried very hard to write beautifully, you could say you invested your whole soul. It is necessary to try very hard, you can even stick your tongue out, or pull a curl on your finger. And then what to do with this piece of paper? The most effective method is to burn it. Yes, this beautiful paper, where you painted everything so beautifully, you just need to burn it, but then there is no ash, and even less waving it in the wind.

Next you need to want your desire

1) If you have a good imagination, then with this you should have no problems. If you watched the movie "The Secret", then you will be much easier. You just need to imagine yourself in all the smallest details in the desire-filled, as if you are already living a new life. For example, now you weigh 65 kg, but you want to weigh 55. Imagine where you are, what you are wearing, how you are made up, what you are doing at this moment. And most importantly, imagine yourself a different one, slim and renewed, and men are walking around and throwing rapturus at you. Do you want to live like this? Then want it to tremble in the body and pleasant sensations in the stomach, so that you even captured the spirit, as in a good movie.

2) This is a slightly ridiculous way, but according to no less effective. Write or draw on the piece of paper the word "hot". Then turn on some solemn music, well, or just whatever you like, and attach a piece of paper to the switch in the room. Well, and then you can turn on your hottie, and happily clap your hands, or even jump. All desire ordered and desired by you.

The next stage is considered the most difficult, but without it the fulfillment of desire is impossible.

Letting go of desire means to forget about it and to shift its fulfillment onto the shoulders of the universe. And nothing more is required of you, and you wanted everything, why load yourself with unnecessary doubts? Be prepared for the fact that from time to time you will be visited by thoughts, and if I did everything right, or maybe nothing will come true, well, how much can you already wait for the performance. Stop, these thoughts need to be tracked and thrown out of your head. If you have done the previous points correctly and correctly identified your desire, nothing more is required of you, you can think about your desire, but without lust, without a doubt in its fulfillment. Perhaps this is how the universe itself tests you for strength in order to test the sincerity of your desire, and the strongest remain who ultimately achieve everything. For letting go of desire, there are a couple of ways:

1) Think of a point in your head. Yes point, and you can even call her by the name of yourself. And as soon as the insidious little thoughts will creep into your head, destroy it with this invented point. Destroy the thought to the end and throw it out of your head so that it does not appear again.

2) Here is another interesting way. We need to find something to do so that it completely absorbs you. Suppose you are engaged in the cultivation of color, and all the free time to devote to it. And when a thought of a type creeps into your head again, and how is my wish, will it soon be fulfilled? Tell yourself, I don’t care for it now, I have to water my flowers and plant new ones, but here any nonsense climbs into my head.

Well, that's all our advice on the fulfillment of desires, not all that difficult. You can now begin to act, while others have long fulfilled their desires, and the worse you are?

Especially for - Natella

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