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Smiling is not only pleasant, but also useful!

A sincere smile fills you with joy, energy and amazing ease. I think you will agree that to the smiling, open, benevolent person the sun shines brighter. Tell me, who do you smile most often? Probably, surrounding people, blue sky, flowers, their reflection in the mirror ... Guess? It is wonderful to give the world its warmth, inner light, sparkling stars in the eyes. But do you often smile at your body? After all, each of its cells is a living creature that needs care and attention. The practice of the Inner Smile, which we will talk about now, will allow you to look inside yourself, thank your body and fill it with love.

Cultivating self-love works wonders

Through the development of spirituality, awareness, good thoughts directed at yourself, you discover in yourself the source of love and connect with the boundless loving energy of the Universe. Only then can you truly share this life-giving gift with others, for a person filled with love and creating it within himself is able to give. If you do not learn to love yourself, you will not be able to accept the love of others for yourself. Therefore, in order to find inner harmony and understanding in relationships, it is very important to learn to recognize yourself as a beautiful creature, to smile inwardly to the cells of your body and thank them sincerely. In response to your care, the body and soul will come into harmony, the body will be free from tension, remove the blocks and allow the vital energy to flow easily, cleansed of negative emotions. Taoists believe that the soul is everywhere in the human body, in every organ, in every cell of the body. This means that by communicating through the Inner Smile with your internal organs, glands and other parts of the body, you are talking to your soul. By practicing love and attention to the body, you learn to love yourself (it is not selfishness and selfishness) and connect with Universal love.

How to practice the Inner Smile?

Practice should begin with a slight wiggle. Shake your spine, smile at every vertebra, feel how the spine relaxes, fills with warmth and begins to radiate a golden light. A smile in the spine is a very important practice, as it relaxes the nervous system, soothes and relieves tension.

Now smile to your heart. Feel unconditional love, sincere joy and light in your heart. Imagine that your heart expands, gives love to the whole Universe and fills your entire body with light. Feel how the heart of the Universe beats, how your hearts merge into one. Feel that the Universe loves you and envelops you with warmth, sending red energy into your heart.

When you start to smile at your heart, hate, anger, irritability may appear. Keep smiling and then inner joy, happiness and love will gradually crowd out negative emotions. Understand that there is nothing wrong with negative emotions as long as you realize them and transform them into creative energy. You just have to watch your emotions, be aware of them and constantly work with them so that they cannot block the movement of energy in the body.

Smile into your lungs. Breathe in pure white light. Accept your sorrow and balance her courage.

Smile in your stomach. Thank him. Feel the golden yellow light fill it with love. Feel the energy of stability, the earth gives you courage, confidence and fearlessness.

Smile at the liver. Breathe in the green light and thank the liver for transforming anger into kindness and generosity corresponding to the energy of the tree.

Smile in the kidneys. Breathe in the blue light, feel the softness and tranquility corresponding to the energy of the water. Accept the fears you have and balance them with your inner peace.

By applying the practice of the Inner Smile, you balance emotions by transforming negative emotions into virtues. You fill every cell of your body with light and energy of love. If you experience anger or sadness, Smile energy will allow you to smile at this emotion until it is transformed into kindness. Over time, the process of turning hatred into love, sadness into courage and fear into gentleness will become automatic.

Do the Internal Smile meditation for 10-15 minutes immediately after waking up. If you fill your body with love and send a smile to all organs, the feeling of the Inner Smile will continue throughout the day and will relieve you from stress.

The Inner Smile meditation is described in more detail in the book Cosmic Inner Smile (by Mantak Chia). Read a must! And for the work!

Become Love!

The daily practice of the Inner Smile will help you to look inward, to communicate with your internal organs, to observe vital energy, breathing and emotions. Practicing Inner Smile, you will strengthen your health, loving relationships with yourself and other people, you will gain self-confidence, you will learn to transform negative energy into creative one. If you learn to accept yourself and love unconditionally, it will be natural for you to give that love, be a source and accept others.

Try an Inner Smile session right now! Smile yourself! Become a light, become a harmony, become a Love!

Good luck!

Especially for, Katerina

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