Indian woman - who is she

India is an amazing country in which, along with modernity, it is still possible to meet the fulfillment of the traditions and customs of the ancestors. It is impossible to fully understand Indian culture without understanding what an Indian woman is. There is always some mystery in it, which Europeans, probably, cannot do. The life of Indian women is specific, and many features we do not understand. However, it is worth at least a little dip in this culture.

Appearance and clothing of an Indian woman

Anyone who has ever seen an Indian woman in a sari probably looked admiringly after her, never taking her eyes off. Indeed, this traditional outfit of Indian women simply fascinates with its beauty. Sari is considered one of the oldest types of women's clothing. Sarees were worn in ancient India. It is said that this item of clothing is the same age as the country itself. Since then, the sari has undergone almost no changes. It still represents a cut of fabric about five meters long. Girls from about twelve years old are taught to wear a sari. After all, in fact, it is beautiful to fasten on yourself such a large piece of fabric - the whole art.

On the other outfits of Indian women, read the article Indian style of dress.

A woman in India should always look beautiful and be well-groomed. That is why the fair sex of this country is always a lot of jewelry. For this purpose, various natural and artificial materials are used. Of particular importance are gold jewelry. The more gold a girl has, the richer she is.

Even if the girl was born in a very poor family, parents save money and try to buy gold earrings to their daughter as soon as possible. In addition, according to tradition, no matter how old the girl is, with a bare neck in public, she simply has no right to seem. Therefore, as soon as possible the father should give her a gold chain. Indian hair is decorated with fresh flowers.

Upbringing indian woman

From childhood, an Indian girl is prepared to become a woman and a wife. Therefore, from a young age, Indian women know what cosmetics are, how to use it. They are painted eyes and lips and buy jewelry.

If a girl is born in the family, the parents immediately begin to save money for her dowry. Often in India, the bride and groom do not know each other before the wedding. Of course, it seems blasphemous to us, but Indian girls were originally raised in this way. Since childhood, they believe that the future spouse is intended for them by God, and the parents fulfill His will.

Children always bring up the ability to restrain their emotions. This is especially true for girls. After all, she is growing as the future wife of her husband, and therefore should be a model of meekness and humility.

Indian girls prepare in advance to be submissive to their husbands. For them, this is the norm of behavior.

Features of the family life of Indian women

The main thing for any woman in India is family. The woman is the keeper of the home and the servant of her husband. If there are no maids in the house, then the wife is forced to get up at four in the morning and prepare food for the whole day. Then it will be difficult to do, as the heat begins.

In general, marriage determines the fate of the girl. When she gets married, she as if raises her social status. This is due to the fact that, by tradition, an Indian woman becomes a real full-fledged person only after marriage. Marriage in india is one and forever.

The worst thing for an Indian woman is to be a widow. If something happens to the husband, it means that the wife did not save him. Therefore, if a woman remains a widow, everything turns away from her, she must observe a strict fast and sleep on the bare floor. To meet a widow is a bad sign. However, even in this case, a woman should not be left unattended by a man. She either returns to her father’s house, or her brother looks after her.

Previously, there was a tradition when the wife in the event of the death of her husband had to commit suicide, more precisely, self-immolation. However, now this ceremony is officially banned, but if a woman shows such a desire and fills the necessary papers, she is free to do so.

Now in the major cities of this country, the attitude towards women is almost the same as in European countries. However, in some places still preserved the old traditions.

It seems to a European woman that an Indian woman simply cannot be happy in such a life. However, it should be borne in mind that India is a completely different world. Women from time immemorial accustomed to live like this. They find their happiness in honoring their husband and loving their children. Perhaps something we should learn from these women.

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