I'm a loser. what should i do

Optimists are sure that in life there is more positive, and therefore bad things are seldom attracted to them. Realists adhere to the principle that in the life of everything equally and their lives are like zebra, then white, then black, but losers see life as a series of unpleasant and undesirable events and therefore their fate is dull and dull.

How to recognize a loser?

  • The loser has left her appearance and figure for a long time alone, why try so hard, if all the same there is no happiness and good luck in life? Her clothes will never stop at a man’s gaze, on the contrary, she is called upon to disguise all her virtues. She has no personal life, or the relationship is in such a deplorable state, which is terrible to tell.
  • Losers love to mess with drinkers, strollers or aggressive men, so that they would then complain about the villain-fate, who deliberately threw such a gentleman to her. And in the absence of a personal life, she may be joking with the fact that she now has a lot of plans and not to any nonsense now. Her work is unloved and undesirable. When she arrives there, the loser seems to be serving time and dreams of ending the working day. The bosses are unlikely to consider such an employee as a candidate for promotion or discuss with her the latest production innovations.
  • If such a loser was lucky enough to get married, then nothing good awaits her here either. Constant discontent from household chores and as a result an uncleaned apartment, a husband who constantly demands something, and children with their whims and problems. Such a loser-mother can bear all her irritation on children, call them clumsy and lazy. Her children often adopt a similar life thinking from their mother and end up growing unlucky as well.
  • Her friends or husband can call her in her free time to visit, to the club or to the nature, but the loser responds with a refusal to all the offers, arguing that she has so much to do, she simply has no time to waste time on such trifles. As a result, she spends her free time with chips on the couch, engaging in constant digging in herself. The loser chose not to swim against the stream, and not even to drift with the stream, she chose to sit on the beach and watch life go on from the side. Of all the ways she chooses the path of least resistance, because she is afraid of mistakes and disappointments. Any bad news such a woman meets with gloating annoyance: "I knew it," and in the good news looking for a catch.
  • Often the failure syndrome is formed in childhood, it is there that the attitude towards life is laid. Shy, notorious teenagers are very sensitive to any criticism and comments addressed to themselves, and having tried something once and failed, they despair and believe that they are not capable of anything. Or, suddenly, an unbearable burden is placed on the shoulders of a young body, for example, an excellent student is given the task of graduating with honors from an institute, an athlete must win the competition, and the beginning model wins the competition.

When a failure happens that the girl herself cannot cope with, she begins to think that this is not for her and refuses to continue the fight. And she begins her adult life with a certain attitude of defeat. Then these girls prefer life to a uniform everyday life, and at the same time be afraid to start something new, to be afraid of change. They may suffer for a long time because of some careless word in their address or someone's arrogant joke. They do the work not with the motivation for success or promotion, but because no one scolds them and not notice any errors in the work.

Fight against unluckiness

Comparison in their favor

When you note that others have some sort of life changes, do not rush at the same time with black envy and treat everything not to your advantage. Try to look at it all to your advantage. For example, your friends are traveling abroad in the summer to rest, so what, but they do not have such a cozy country cottage where you can relax every weekend. A friend got a new high-paying job, think, but you have a more promising and interesting job. You and your husband came to visit, and there everything is so deliciously prepared and you immediately remember that you yourself practically do not know how to cook, and that from this, but at your home is always clean and tidy. Every time when you are disappointed or angry about the fact that you do not have something or you do not know how, remember that you have qualities that others do not possess.


Focus only on the positive qualities and events of your life, and you will notice that this simple technique will attract more good things to your destiny. Every morning, start with a smile and a positive attitude for the day, for example, you can say something like: "I am the most charming and attractive" or "Today is a wonderful day, I will definitely succeed," it doesn't matter what you say, the main thing is the phrase caused you a surge of strength and energy.

Sift out non-constructive criticism

It is useful to listen to criticism and draw conclusions from it only if it is objectively criticized. If you are one hundred percent agree with criticism, then this is a good reason to work on yourself, and if you do not agree, then there is no point in bothering someone else’s opinion, if you listen to everything that is said about you, you can go crazy.

Do not put everything on one card

You should not dwell on one thing, and reduce their work or passion to the meaning of all life. When nothing goes well, and you persevere in beating the closed door, try changing the direction vector and do something else. It is quite possible that a new business will entice you so much that you forget about the old one, or after a while, looking with a more relaxed look at the old problem, you will find a solution.


A person who has more experience and knowledge in this field is always more in demand and valuable in the profession. Attend various courses, trainings, learn foreign languages, communicate with people who can teach you a lot, in general, do everything that will make you more professional and smarter.

In order to overcome something, sometimes you just need to start acting, and with a complex of losers - you will not cope with it while you act the same way as before. Begin to change your actions and actions, then you will succeed.

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