Human energy

Work, household chores, raising children - all this takes a lot of time and effort every day. At the end of the day, you feel like "squeezed lemon." And the forces for favorite activities, creativity and active recreation just does not remain. Why is this happening and where to get energy in order to have time for everything and enjoy life? Good question!

Everything is energy

First you need to remember that everything around us is energy, including ourselves. The word is energy, the act is energy, thought is energy. Energy is everywhere: the whole world is an endless source of energy. Why then do we miss her so much?

It turns out the quantity and quality of our internal forces depends on how open and developed is our ability to draw energy "from the air". In the Chakra article: what is it and what are they for? we talked about the fact that a person receives energy from space using energy centers - the chakras. They, like small whirlwinds, perceive energy from the outside and translate the internal energy of a person into space. But the problem is that not all chakras are open and work in a balanced manner, which is caused by internal conflicts, complexes, negative attitudes. For this reason, each of us has our own level of "energy conductivity."

If you conventionally compare yourself with an adapter or a transformer, it turns out that someone passes energy of 20 volts through it, someone - at 10, and someone - at 40. And if one of them only has enough power to clean the apartment and hike to the store, then another one - simultaneously leads several creative projects in different cities and builds a business all over the world!

Where does the energy go?

Watch what you spend your energy on. In this case, pay attention not to physical actions, but to thoughts and words. What do your thoughts usually revolve around? If you criticize, condemn, blame everyone around or yourself, the number of your vitality drops by several times. If you constantly think about work, about a boss, about colleagues, you give your energy to them, depriving it of yourself. If you cannot forgive someone and carry an insult in your heart, as a burden, you feed it with yourself, grow it and pest it, instead of freeing yourself and leaving the load of offense behind. Free yourself from all that is superfluous, become free like a bird, spread your wings and bet! From the height you will see how small and ridiculous those things below you have paid so much attention to and gave all your strength to.

How to raise your own energy level?

The ability to draw energy from the outside must be developed gradually, using the principle of physical development of the body. When we begin to give the body a load, it does not become perfect in one day, only regular exercises lead to the desired result. Therefore, start gradually introducing meditation, energy practices (for example, Reiki or yoga) into your life, work on yourself, get rid of fears and complexes. Be sure to study the chakra system and start to develop them. You can read about how to do this in a series of articles on each chakra separately, as well as in articles on integrated work with chakras: Balancing chakras using Reiki energy, How to work with chakras: the color-mediation method.

Where can I get strength?

1. You can draw strength from those activities that we like. Note that when you work on something that captures, then the work goes faster and the strength becomes more and more. therefore do what you like! You like to draw - write pictures, like to write - create texts, like to observe - contemplate the beautiful, like to grow flowers - grow them.

2. Relax! Do not save yourself the tension, learn to get rid of it and be sure to practice relaxation techniques. On how to relax properly, read the articles The Art of Relaxation, Learn to relax. Savasana

3. Draw strength in love - live in love, stay in love, look out of love.

4. A good way to feed off your strength is creativity. The process of transforming one into another, the creation of something new and unique is a very interesting activity, which sometimes gives a meaning to life. Right now look at any object next to you and find for it 10 non-standard methods of application. So you activate your creative energy, the desire to search and inspiration.

5. Eat right, eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts - this is a storehouse of "living energy"!

6. Communicate with who you like. Communication with like-minded people charges and gives strength. You can read about this in the article Why is it so important to surround yourself with like-minded people?

7. Learn to give: the new comes only where there is free space. Therefore, part with unnecessary things, free your space from all that is superfluous, get rid of the habit of hoarding. And be sure to open your heart - happiness will not enter the closed door. The more you give, the more you get.

And the most important advice: feel the sun. Look at yourself in the mirror and say: "I'm the sun!". Tell it to the sky, stream, violet. Remember that the sun is what gives light, warmth, good mood. The sun has a lot of energy, and it manages to send its rays to every corner of the earth. But the sun needs rest. So get up at sunrise and rest at sunset. And you will see - there will be more strength.

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