How to wake up early in the morning

"Whoever gets up early - God gives to him," say the Russian people. They also count abroad, citing the words of the Englishman Benjamin Franklin: "Whoever went to bed early and got up early in the morning, he will be healthy, rich and wise." It would seem, what difference did you wake up at six in the morning or at nine? But it turns out that this is important not only for physical well-being, but also for the emotional state, productivity of the working day, and spiritual development.

How to help yourself wake up early in the morning?

Rule 1. Go to bed early

In order to wake up early and at the same time give yourself the necessary time to sleep, you must go to bed early. Some people think that regardless of whether they fall down at 9 pm or at 11 pm, nothing will change anyway - in the morning the organism will wake up at the same time. At first it may be so, but in a few days you will start to wake up earlier. According to Vedic knowledge a person needs about 6 hours of sleep daily, but if he is ill or his activity is associated with significant nerve loads and tension, the duration of sleep can be increased to 7-8 hours. More sleep is harmful.

How to go to bed earlier? Determine the time of the estimated sleep and turn off the computer and TV for at least an hour. Stay in silence. Allow your brain to calm down and relax. Read a good book, dream or make diary entries.

Rule 2. Drink more water and do not eat at night.

Drink a couple of glasses of pure water shortly before sleep, then the body will be saturated with moisture throughout the night and even in the morning. Lack of water and dehydration of the body leads to lethargy, drowsiness, so early awakening is difficult. Of course, you should not overdo it and drink 1-2 liters before bedtime - the measure is good in everything.

Do not drink alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine at night. They will have a stimulating effect and lead to restless sleep. Also, do not eat at night: food in this case is not digested, but begins to decompose and form toxins, which make the awakening heavy.

Rule 3. Get out of bed right away and do not try to lie down again.

After you open your eyes, it is better to immediately get out of bed, otherwise there is a very high probability that you will stay there for another 1-2 hours. To do this, use the little tricks. For example, set an alarm clock at the other end of the room, then in the morning you just have to get up to turn it off. Do not listen to the voice of laziness, which convinces to lie in bed for a few more minutes.

Do not allow yourself to doze, but immediately get up. And then do everything to help wake up: open the window and let in fresh, cool air, wash with cold water, take a douche, prepare a fruit salad for breakfast. Do not climb back to bed, as much as you would like.

These simple and easy-to-use tips will help you change your daily routine, ensure that you have the right daily routine and an easy wake up early in the morning.. Early awakening will give ease, activity, peace of mind and good mood for the whole day.

About why we often can not wake up early, and how it affects our lives, read the article Owl or Skylark: which is better ?.

May your every morning be kind, bright and light, and every awakening joyful and pleasant. Our life is so short and I don’t want to spend it on sadness, disappointment, bad mood and pessimism.

Appreciate every moment, love life and help it to become even brighter, kinder and more positive. Good luck!


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