How to understand yourself

We often hear that the alien soul is darkness. It is really very difficult to imagine what the other person is thinking at the moment, to understand whether his words are true or false, and whether they are at odds with actions. However, in fact, people are convinced that it is often more difficult to understand themselves than to sort out the affairs of another.

Need to understand yourself

So why does a person need to arrange a "debriefing" for himself. Most often, the desire to explore yourself and your thoughts does not appear on empty ground. Prerequisites for this may be, for example, uncertainty about how to act in a particular situation, violation of one’s life plan, some confusion when a situation of choice arises. However, the study itself is useful not only in internal conflict. It is also necessary for the most successful and complete self-development. No one can understand how to increase the effectiveness of a process without having studied the direct participants in this process. Our self-development is impossible without the knowledge of oneself.

In fact, if there are any spiritual doubts that leave their imprint on life as a whole, with which you cannot cope with and can’t understand where they came from, you just need to run to a psychologist. However, it is not always at your disposal can be a really good specialist who can help you. Therefore, you should learn to know yourself independently.

Ways to understand yourself

There are several fairly simple ways that will help you better understand yourself and choose the appropriate solution for you.

  1. Sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you think about - the easiest of them. Write whatever you want. Of course, it may seem to you that all this is utter nonsense, but behind all this your true state of mind may lie. The main thing - to write what comes to mind, trying not to think about the content, spelling and punctuation. This process should continue for about ten to fifteen minutes. After you pour out all the flow of your thoughts on paper, read and analyze the resulting text. In this way you can find out about yourself quite a lot of interesting things with minimal effort and time. The page matinee method will also help you.

  • The second method, which requires, of course, more time. However, using it, you can study yourself in more detail. Keep a diary in which you will write down your thoughts and events of the past day every day. If you don’t want to write, then the Internet and a personal blog are at your service. These self-communication tools help to increase the concentration of your attention. You get the opportunity to follow the course of their thoughts and actions as if from the outside. That is, reading the text that you wrote recently, once again, you can disregard perception of it as a direct statement of your own thoughts, and look like a letter from a friend who trusts you and asks for advice. Of course, it will be much easier for you to understand the situation of another than your own. In addition, if you can look at your text from the side, you will not be biased about your situation and give various indulgences or embellish something in the analysis.
  • Reading books will not only help you become more literate, but also create your own exemplary psychological portrait. Surely, you often noticed that when encountering a particular character in a readable work, we unwittingly begin to compare ourselves with it. Now, when you catch yourself at this thought again, do not think that you develop paranoia, but rather compare yourself with the hero of the work in more detail. If you find many similarities in the character, study the behavior and what it brought to him. It is possible that you will learn some useful lessons that will help you in your life. Of course, that works or films (they also fit) should not be low-grade, devoid of any thought, of which now even come a pond. Choose something that may contain a more or less serious thought.

Do not forget that each person is individual. Therefore, in order to develop it is necessary to take actions based on self-knowledge. Often those works that we find on the shelves of bookstores, designed for the average person. They can actually help one to become successful, rich, have an impact on people, and only psychological trauma can “give” to others. Therefore, think about your problems yourself and try to figure it out. After all, this is not just a fascinating, but also a useful activity.

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