How to support a person in a difficult moment

In the bustle of everyday life, there are situations when our relatives, close people or friends need support, because they have strong emotional experiences. The normal and proper desire of anyone in this case would be to assist. But at such a subtle point, it is important that it be correct and effective. To do this, you need to know how to behave, so as not to harm and really support a person in difficult times.

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How to support a person in a difficult moment?

  • Let and help express emotions. Strong emotions and feelings should not be suppressed, help to do everything so that a person expresses what is in his heart. It doesn't matter if it is grief or joy, hurt or disappointment. Until that moment until all the emotions have been spilled out, your interlocutor will not feel relief, and his condition will not improve. Sometimes a person can simply shut up in the world of their experiences. Provoke him, put him out of himself, or, conversely, start a conversation delicately and watch the reaction.
  • Offer your help. Overnight to restore composure and harmony, no one can, but everyone can help with real deeds. Therefore, offer something that can alleviate the serious condition of a person. For example, to clean the house, cook food, go to the store. Try to help regularly until the difficult phase is overcome.
  • Try to be close. It is no secret that at such moments you need your friend more than ever. Stay with them as much time as you can allow. Try to eliminate the source of suffering or things that may remind of it. There is no need to say commonplace common phrases from the series “everything will definitely be fine” or “wait, time heals”. Just show that this person is very important to you, how you value, love and respect him.
  • Let the person talk. Show tolerance and patience, listening to everything that the interlocutor wants to tell you. Believe me, to be the right and good listener is a special art. And, in spite of the fact that he will speak mainly, your reaction should express the full participation and understanding, as well as support.
  • Try to distract from the sad thoughts. Try at least for a while to distract a person from experiences or thoughts that prevent him from returning to normal life. Call him to walk in the park, go to the cinema or theater, cafe, then you should rely on the tastes of a friend. However, keep in mind the relevance if a person in mourning does not call him for recreational activities.
  • Give the right advice. If you were able to successfully pass the moment of emotional relaxation and listening to experiences in the form of a monologue, the man cried enough, and spoke out. It is time to give advice, but not in a recommendatory form, but rather just to share your thoughts about the situation and ways out of it. At such moments you have an advantage in sobriety of mind and the ability to reason sensibly, without unnecessary emotions. By such behavior you show genuine anxiety and concern for a loved one. And if he is suddenly wrong in his thoughts or actions, he cannot get together, it's time for him to hint at this carefully so that he does not make a mistake.
  • Be indulgent and as tolerant as possible. In such difficult moments, it is worth not to show anger, irritability, nervousness or hot temper. Think about the fact that a person in moments of spiritual discomfort, experiences, negative thoughts is sometimes simply not able to control himself and control the situation.
  • Act on the basis of the moment. In the process of communication, you yourself will understand what else can help a friend. Each person is individual, the relations between people are also unique and do not lend themselves to standards or patterns.

What words of support can I say in a difficult moment?

Support words in difficult moments when a person is in a complex emotional state, no less important than actions. Psychologists say that words seem to connect you with reality, do not allow you to fall into the abyss of unrest. They give the feeling that you are not alone with the problem that there is someone who understands, supports, shares the bitterness of experiences.

How to support a person in a difficult moment?

Probably there are no universal words of comfort and support for all people, but attentive and caring attitude to the problems of one’s neighbor is in itself a great support. Do not think that the interlocutor has these words that are not important, that he does not notice them and can do without them.

The best words of support will be sincere, coming from the heart and soul. If you, too, are experiencing bitterness, pain, are worried about a loved one, do not speak pattern phrases. Often they can not comfort, but, on the contrary, exacerbate suffering.

If your words do not come from the heart, you do not know how and what to say, just keep quiet. Believe me, if you force yourself to say something without sincerity and openness, it is incredibly felt and perceived as false and nothing more.

How to support a person when he is sick?

At the time of illness, anyone needs the care, attention and support of loved ones. For this it is important to show and make it clear how you love him, how you treasure him.

If the disease has violated your plans for work, leisure or personal life, explain that his condition will not become a burden for you, so caring for him is more important.

If the illness is not serious, encourage the person in a comic form that you are waiting for his speedy recovery. Agree that after discharge you will go to your favorite or just an interesting place, for example, in a cafe or for a walk. Words that a sick colleague is not enough at work are also excellent support. Try to spend as much time as possible with the patient, telling him about the news, ask his opinion or advice.

Come up with a joint lesson or business that would bring pleasant emotions and joy to the patient. At the time of illness it is important not to feel lonely and unnecessary.

You can also distract the patient from the disease, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room where he is located. If it is a hospital, bring there things from your home, a family of relatives, books, bright pillows or a favorite flower. If at home, just make a nice gift, taking care.

But how to support a person who suffers from a serious illness? Here it is worth simply to please the patient with trifles, maintaining a good mood and not letting him “give up”. He should know that tomorrow will definitely come and be better. Every day, talk to them about how he will recover, perhaps tell examples of people who have successfully coped with the disease.

How to help a loved one?

A special relationship should be shown when unpleasant in your second half or a loved one. But to support in this situation is not as easy as it seems, because your opinion about the problem may differ from the perception of the partner.

How to support a person in a difficult moment?

They say that men are easier to understand how to console women. It's not a secret that ladies are characterized by excessive emotionality, they love not only to talk in detail about the situation, but also to express their feelings and experiences. Here a man just needs to listen, carefully and sincerely. Psychologists note that the most common mistake of the stronger sex is that when they recognize the problem, they immediately look for its solution.

Alas, this tactic is erroneous, a woman must be regretted, reassured. And only after that try to resolve the issue or understand how to act correctly. Often, real action is not required, the opportunity to speak out, to get an understanding of what is ready to help you at any moment is more important for a woman.

If a couple, a difficult moment in life came to the man, the woman must gain wisdom and patience. Some guys perceive problems as new lessons and experiences, and others like collapse. Here the rule is one, do not try to learn more, than the beloved is ready to tell. Sometimes the support of a man can manifest itself in the form of a complete ignoring of the problem, behave as if nothing happened, try to please with trifles.

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Some men need words of encouragement, tell him that a strong character and his courage will help solve and overcome any difficulties. The most important thing is no criticism, the representatives of the stronger sex perceive it painfully. And even if your man is to blame for the problem, it is his mistake or omission, you shouldn’t constantly remind him about it. Better say that everything will be fine, you just have to wait and everything will work out.

To help and support loved ones in difficult times is very important! Try to use all possible methods and methods for this. Remember that, most likely, it will be difficult. But the reward for you will be a strengthened relationship, love or unbreakable friendship, proven difficult life situation.

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