How to stop thinking about a person

Throughout life, we are faced with a lot of people. Friends, colleagues, family and just passing acquaintances form the basis of our daily communication. Many relationships do not last long, do not matter much for us and quickly disappear somewhere in the depths of our memory.

However, it often happens that a relationship with a person is the meaning of life for us. We want them to never stop, be the strongest and forever. Unfortunately, at times, not everything is as we wish. And the most important relationship for us ceases to exist. What to do if the only way to find yourself and start living is to erase your loved one from memory forever...?

Stop thinking about a person with interesting things.

One of the most effective ways to exclude people who need to be forgotten from the bins of our memory is saturation of thoughts with something else that is not connected with this person. Of course, this is quite a protracted process, because it is not so easy to give up what you once loved and what you are used to. But if you really want to get rid of those memories that, like oppression, impose on your mind, it is simply necessary.

The main rule: stop feeling sorry for yourself constantly. Thoughts in which we express pity for our person are rooted most tightly in our brain, and it is very difficult to drive them out. So what is the point? Your task is to find for yourself as much as possible interesting activities.

At first, it is better that they are not just interesting, but even exciting. Receiving impressions of everything that happens, you will gradually begin to forget about the past.. This is due to the fact that our brain is not rubber at all. All the information we receive cannot fit in its repositories. New impressions repress old memories. Therefore, if you really get carried away with something, your occupation will absorb the past and now unnecessary memories.

Many consider this useless, because there is a possibility of a relapse, that is, the return of already seemingly forgotten thoughts. But the stronger the new thoughts, new interests, impressions of new meetings or entertainment take root in your mind, the less likely the return of old thoughts. You just need to try to give the new as much time and effort as possible, get new impressions more and more often, throw out the old from the archives of consciousness to put a new one there.

Stop thinking about a person by switching

Another way: switch your attention to another person. It is much more difficult, because here not everything depends directly on you. To implement the planned switching needed a suitable new person. This should not be just a casual passerby, but one who is really able to seize your thoughts and feelings. To enhance the effect, you must somehow to participate in the life of this person, to take care of him, to learn about his interests and, perhaps, to begin to show interest in his hobbies. The most important thing is that it be sincere and sincere.

Think of your loved ones and old friends. Try to give them a little more attention than usual, give them your warmth and affection. By the way, if you are trying to forget your boyfriend, who you recently broke up with, look closely at that friend who was always with you, modestly gave you advice, not claiming anything, and only sometimes showed some traces of sympathy. It is possible that there were even some sparks between you that you chose not to notice. The man who was your friend is capable of more. It is possible that just so, trying to cope with your grief, you will find your true happiness.

It is very difficult to forget the people who played the main roles in our lives. However, nothing is possible. One day you will remember him again, but it will be just a fleeting thought that will only cause you to smile, not liters of bitter tears.

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