How to see the aura of man

By definition, aura is like a physical model of our soul. Man is able to see these manifestations, and quite clearly. To see it is quite simple, you just need to follow a few simple rules. Aura is a phenomenon based on the laws of physics, and is not something supernatural. Auras of different people have different colors. The coloring of the physical picture of the soul, first of all, depends on the character and general condition of the person.

How to see the aura of another person?

In order to see the aura of a person, you need to make some simple manipulations.

  • Place an object, the soul of which you will consider, near the white wall at a distance of 45-60 centimeters. If you are a beginner, use only a pure white wall, because colored and patterned walls can interfere with perception. Lighting should not be too bright. Ideal scattered daylight. Neon light and direct sunlight must be excluded.

  • It is necessary to examine the subject from a distance of 2.5-3 meters. The object of your research should breathe smoothly and calmly and relax as much as possible. It is especially important to relax the shoulders and be sure to open your hands. In this state, the subject should swing slightly from side to side. At this time, your eyes should be fixed on the wall. Look through the head and shoulders of a man. Soon you will be able to notice a light halo that borders the object's shape. It is his ether aura.
  • Continuing to look, you will get the opportunity to see something similar to the backlight. Most often, auras are not uniform, so the saturation of colors will be different. To see the so-called astral aura, you will have to experiment on several people, as well as try to change the lighting. Astral aura slightly wider ethereal and, as a rule, somewhat brighter.

For more details about the characteristics of the aura, see the article What does the aura of a person contain ?.

How to see your own aura?

The actions you must take when trying to see your own aura are quite predictable. The principle is based on the same actions as considering the aura of another person. But in order for you to see yourself, you need a mirror. From him need to move about half a meter. If space allows, it is possible further. And then, you must perform the same actions as suggested to the subject above. The main thing is not to forget to follow the breath. You will have to be both a researcher and an object.

Aura colors

When with all these actions you recognize your aura, pay attention to what color it is. Colors are emotional characteristics. They reveal the true nature of us. Therefore, it is very important to interpret them correctly.

  • Violet- the color of everything spiritual and mystical. Usually, a person who has an aura of this color is in any kind of search, constantly striving for self-improvement. Such people have high morality and religion. By nature, they are philosophers, distinguished by sophisticated imagination and a huge store of love. If there are pink impurities in violet, then this person is domineering, touchy and, in general, not very pleasant to talk to.
  • Blue- color of wisdom, peace and inspiration. The owner of this color of aura lives in complete harmony with himself and the outside world, which can not fail to bring him success in business and all undertakings.
  • BlueThe color indicates that its owner is in good health and his mood is good. In addition, such people are peaceful, devoted to ideals, have a soft character and excellent taste. Often it’s hard for such people to make decisions and they rely on outside advice.

  • Green color in aurameans friendliness, rationality, positive attitude and vitality of the owner. Carriers of this shade are naturally kind, caring and ready to help in any situation. Such people are a little sentimental.
  • Yellow- indicator of good health and well-being. These people have a lively mind, friendly and unusually open. Always optimistic, ready for everything new, independent. These are, above all, creative individuals.
  • People having orange aura, life-loving, active and confident. People who favor themselves, because they always respect those who are dear to them.
  • Red- the color of love and energy, as well as vitality and vigor. People who have this color in aura are blessed with leadership qualities and ambitious.
  • White colorreveals those who have a good intuition, are endowed with spirituality and have an expanded consciousness.
  • Black colorgives people spiritless, aggressive, bringing evil and destruction. Often hate is often a priority for such people.

Having seen the aura of a person and having correctly interpreted what he saw, you can better understand your friend, colleague, interlocutor. This will help you in everyday communication. Having seen your aura, you will better understand yourself.

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