How to put your thoughts in order and find your creative way

I want to share a wonderful method of "establishing order in the head" and gaining creative inspiration. I found out about him about a year ago when I read an amazing guidebook for action, “The Artist's Way: Your Creative Workshop,” by Julia Cameron. In this book, we are talking about each of us - the creator of our own reality, moreover - we offer to take a 12-week course of creative revival and filling life with magic and discoveries. Naturally, I "caught fire", retracted and step by step went through all the stages of a wonderful transformation. I will say right away - the book helped me a lot and, first of all, from a practical point of view. A year has passed, but I continue to practice certain techniques and principles on a daily basis, because they have become part of my work. I want to talk about morning pages - kind meditation to get out of the creative impasse, put your thoughts in order, focus on what is really important, and most importantly - create without "postponement", being in the stream and experiencing a tremendous sense of creation.

Free your mind, all unnecessary - give back to paper

Morning pages - a small ceremony to restore the creative balance and, at first glance, a completely useless exercise. This is rather not creativity, but preparation for it, the so-called "brain cleaning". Simply put, the stream of consciousness, placed on three pages of handwritten text. Every morning I open a notebook and write the first thing that comes into my head. And so three pages in a row. "Hello, World! Now the winter is coming to an end. How quickly time flies. And I, as always, do not have time. I wish I could learn to do everything quickly and easily! How fortunate that tomorrow is a day off. to the store ... etc. " Such daily paperwork has nothing to do with art and writing literate text. It is simply a tool, a tool that is available to everyone. Drive your hand over the paper and write down everything that appears in your head: both stupid, and senseless, and unpleasant, and crazy - everything in a row. Morning pages should not be smart, they can not be bad, wrong. Let them be full of negativity, anxiety, self-pity, or monotonous nonsense - that is their essence! On them we throw out all the nonsense that interferes with creating: worries about work, family relationships, contradictions inside. Not being "splashed out" all these "interferences" at the subconscious level spoil the mood all day long. Give all the paper! Leave only pure consciousness!

What to do with the written pages?

Nothing to do! Do not let them read to anyone and do not read it yourself! Just write three pages and put them in a folder or turn a sheet in a notebook without looking at the previous ones. Write three pages every morning. Do not miss or reduce their number. Give the negative paper, you do not need it. Write what comes into your head - that's all. If nothing works, write: "Nothing works. In my head - empty." So write all three pages. Write whatever you want: "When will this sheet end? I'm already tired of writing. I don't know what else to give out. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know ....". Do anything but fill all three pages. That is how much it is necessary for your flow of thoughts to free itself from chaos.

This is a simple technique and it works! Some people are skeptical about him, because they don’t believe how simple marran of three pages can activate creative ideas, increase efficiency and lead to new discoveries, surprises, and successes. Many are accustomed to the fact that to achieve something outstanding you need to work hard. I will say one thing: the morning pages do not cancel work, but they make it much easier. Behind the seeming simplicitya lot of work to free yourself from unnecessary thoughts and worries. Imagine that you are an artist, and your workshop is located across the street from the house. There was so much snow during the night that in the morning when you opened the door, you discovered that the snowdrifts completely closed the world from you, and to get to the workshop, there is only one way - to take a shovel and clean the path to it. The same thing happens every morning: you wake up with a lot of thoughts in your head, most of which are temporary, unimportant or poisonous mood. Take a pen, paper and clear the rubble on your way to your creative source: write three pages!

Morning pages as a spiritual practice

Take this occupation as a meditation that deepens understanding and helps you find yourself and become aware of your connection with your inner source of strength. The morning pages are the door to our Higher Self.. They lead us out of despair and lead to decisions that we didn’t even think about. Do not think that this occupation is exclusively for artists, writers and actors. It is useful for everyone: lawyers and housewives, accountants and dancers. Lawyers, using it, will be able to prepare excellent speeches, hostesses will create magic goodies in the kitchen, and business consultants will offer extraordinary solutions for optimizing organizational processes. By practicing this technique, we can suddenly discover new abilities in ourselves. For example, I began to write the morning pages when I was working on my thesis - a process that is capacious, complex and creative. My research began to move faster, freer, easier. Having entered the stream of "writing" scientific texts, I unwittingly began to write for no reason, for the soul, that excites me. And now I am writing articles about self-development and self-awareness. Who knows what other talents are lurking within us - it is so interesting to open yourself anew every day!

Move on and keep going.

In any life, there are periods of drought, when work seems to be mechanical, meaningless, and our creative source seems to run dry. It is at such times that the morning pages are most useful, but the hardest are given: there is resistance and misunderstanding - why write them. Only one way out - stumbling and falling, move on and continue to write, for this is the road that leads us home to ourselves. Creative droughts are a painful process, but they force us to grow, and sooner or later they end because we did not lose heart and continued to be cleansed from unnecessary thoughts.. I recommend making the morning pages your regular practice. I am sure that with their help you can discover inside yourself a new unknown world, travel which is extremely interesting and joyful. Good luck on the road!

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