How to please yourself beloved on women's day

Ladies, we got it! The favorite holiday of Russian women is about to come! Emerged as a day of struggle for the rights of women, the Eighth of March turned into International Women's Day, a holiday of spring and beauty. On this day (as well as the day before) we accept congratulations from colleagues, relatives and even simple male passers-by.

Unconditional attributes of this holiday - mimosa, chocolates and the first spring sun. All this, of course, is wonderful, but from year to year the monotony, uniformity of the “script” of women's day begins to pall. A postcard and a mug with a nice inscription from my colleagues, a bouquet of tulips from my husband and a show of "Titanic" from Channel One ...

On such a day, you want something special, more festive. In general, dear ladies, let's not wait for the gifts of fate and arrange a feast for yourself hundred percent!

How to please yourself beloved on Women's Day?

At the weekend we are sleeping princesses

To begin with, 47 years since March 8 is a day off. This year is no exception. Therefore, allow yourself a good night's rest! General cleaning, washing and cooking are postponed until the "best" times. Start your day with positive emotions! Look, lying in bed, fun holiday movie, drink a cup of coffee with your favorite cakes and candy. Take a shower with good music, and then ... get up to mood!

Do not sit at home at all! Even if you have a family - a husband, children, this is not a reason to hang around four walls on such a great day! Give a cultural program! Household members will understand you and will certainly relieve you from the household duties of your mother and wife. On the eighth of March we are just women!

You can't be beautiful

  • Undoubtedly On our holiday you need to look great like never before! Sign up for a massage, go to the pool or to the spa - in general, relax and rejuvenate! Make a festive evening spectacular hair, makeup. If you can, do not deny yourself anything in the beauty salon!
  • If financial opportunities are very limited, allow yourself something that is less expensive. For example, make a fashionable haircut or dye your hair. But you should not decide on something radically new ... For example, you should not decide on an ultrashort haircut, and then turn from a burning brunette into a platinum blonde. After all, the effect of the offense is likely to be the opposite of what was expected.
  • Go to manicure and pedicure. Let it be not ordinary processing with a coating, but, say, an elegant painting decorated with rhinestones. Such pleasant little things really improve the feminine mood! Oh yeah, it’s worthwhile to sign up for everything beforehand, because on holidays, there is a particularly large influx of people who want to change in the salons.

How to please yourself beloved on Women's Day?

How to please yourself beloved on Women's Day?

Little shopping

Nothing charges the ladies more positively than shopping! Buy yourself a new dress or blouse, even if their price is a little beyond the scope of "free" finance. Or let it be a fashionable bag, shoes ... We deserve it.!

Breath of spring

Replace the "winter" perfume with a new, spring, with fresh notes in the perfume composition.

Well, look great, the mood is on top! It is necessary to fix the result. In the evening, go with your favorite man to the theater, cinema. After that it would be nice to sit in a cozy restaurant. Let everyone see how incredibly good you are!

We leave on the "hunt"!

If you have not yet met the man of your dreams, the Eighth of March is the right day to go on the "hunt." Spring after all! Go to the same theater or restaurant with a friend. Your wonderful mood and inner glow is unlikely to leave men indifferent!

Do not abuse alcohol on this day, because morning sickness will undoubtedly spoil the impression of the holiday. A glass of red wine or champagne will be enough to maintain a festive mood.

We get the desired

Another important point - a gift that you get from a loved one. After all, most often we get not what we would like. And this happens not necessarily because your man is a miser, but because he simply does not know that you really want to receive as a gift.

How to please yourself beloved on Women's Day?

You accidentally dropped the phrase "something food processor knocks" or "how I tired of this pan, to which everything sticks" can be perceived by a man as a hint, and in the end you will receive as a gift kitchen utensils. Therefore, in order to prevent disappointment after opening the cherished box, on the eve of Women's Day, clearly tell your lover that you would like to receive from him as a gift. For example, as if by chance, say that you have been dreaming about a thing for a long time.

Or select the desired item in the catalog, circle it with a felt-tip pen and write "I want!". Then do not forget to leave in a visible place this directory, open on the desired page. A little bit quick-witted man will surely understand the hint and will delight you with a desired gift.

In general, ladies, everything is in our hands! Have a nice holiday and all the best!

Especially for - Olga Efremova

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