How to overcome longing

The next morning, painted exclusively gray. I just want to sleep all day, just not to live another day, the same as I was yesterday, the day before yesterday ... For a whole year. Rise out of bed again and you do not know why you are doing this. Oh, it seems, I remembered! Brush your teeth, wash your face, get dressed. You slowly rise lazily and do it all as if it stretches for eternity and there’s no end to it. Why do you need all this? Do not you know. So, it seems, now I wanted to eat. It seems like a natural desire. Wow at the expense of something to live. Why live? And again you do not know. And for what you get up every morning, going somewhere and leaving the house? You don't know either.

And what is the point of all these actions if you wake up and fall asleep in bed? Isn't it easier then to stay there all the time? Yes, and you sleep, too, is not particularly good. Well, okay, perhaps, you will get up and you will go for a walk, and even tired of lying around. Maybe not worth it? There is such a disgusting weather ... You'd better sit by the window and see how raindrops fall on the glass and spread out ... One ... Second ... Third ... And so an hour passes, second, fifth ... Monotony. And it seems that there is no way out of this state. You do not want to do anything and at the same time worry about the future. Or vice versa - you are all on the side. In general, these are not thoughts about suicide, but what you think - a hopeless monotony.

Admit to yourself that you have not spent a minute before finding a solution. And if it was spent, then at first you capitulated.

Tosca is not uncommon. This is thowling habit and your lifestyle, associated with the absence of any desire to live a full and emotional life. Not! You say: "Lies! I want to live a full and cheerful!" And I will say that you don’t really want it, because you let the weather stop you from the same walk. I agree, it is not devoid of meaning when it is raining or thirty degrees of frost. But these days a year, only a dozen two or three of the strength typed. And what are you doing all the other days? What's stopping you? Just do not say that your legs hurt or head. Nowadays, people in wheelchairs exist basketball sports, races, and even dance circles. And you have arms, legs, head, and ears. And you sit and waste your time not that even just wasted, but you regret yourself and protect you from the opportunities to enjoy every day only that you have already woken up!

Why do melancholy happen?

The main reason is laziness!

- Failed love. Too lazy to find the strength and awaken within yourself the love for yourself, the world and people! And too lazy to find a person with whom you want to share this love.

- Persistent family problems. Too lazy to seek a solution.

- Chronic diseases. See paragraph above.

- Loss of a loved one. The difficulty of experiencing the loss and lack of desire to live without this person. The difficulty to realize that people do not last forever.

- Loss of a material subject. Too lazy to find a new one and the difficulty to understand that we really do not possess anything. Items are also not forever.

Is there a danger?Of course. Live all your life as a vegetable.

How to overcome longing?

Imagine that you have a small garden bed under the summer garden. What happens if you don’t plant anything there? You will say that nothing will grow. And big mistake, because there will grow weeds. From where The wind will carry the seeds, it will rain and they will grow. And if you do not weed them, then they can create thickets around your whole house and even crawl into the foundation and start gradually destroying it. In order for your garden to be blossoming and beautiful, you first need to plow it, then choose beautiful flowers that you like and plant them. Everything? And water them regularly!

Similarly with the human soul. If you REGULARLY do not follow your thoughts and mood, do not fill your head with positive and cheerful attitudes, then you will receive a negative from other people who with pleasure (but without joy in the soul, but only with relief for themselves) will share it with you. As if those weed seeds, by the breath of the wind, will fall on your bed.

I am leaning toward the habit. About her and says the word "regularly".

Let's make a habit?

Step one.

Believe in yourself! You will succeed!

Step two.

Changes in the world begin with you. Take everything into your own hands! Your life depends on you and how you live it - only on your conscience.

Step three.

Forgive yourself and people. All past grievances and failures. Drop the bag of offenses from your shoulders and it will be easier to go on.

Step Four.

Love yourself, people and the world around us! Just accept that you are as you are. With all its positive traits and flaws. And people are similar.

Step five.

Act under any circumstances! No matter how hard you are, do yourself a business. Even if you do not see the point. You can see him a little later.

Step Six.

Find any trivial occasion for joy. Any little thing. A ray of sunshine in the window in the morning, a smile of a passer-by. Then you will find more weighty reasons. But know that you first need to create joy within yourself, and then only you will get the result and changes in yourself and changes in the attitude of people and the world to you.

Step Seven.

Play! Learn this from a small child. Turn the usual process of walking to work in walking with a skip. Or cooking dinner in a song contest. Feel free to fantasize! Even if those around you consider you inadequate, you do not care. After all, inside you are happy.

Step Eight.

Find a purpose in life. Think about what you want to achieve and act in this direction.

Step Nine.

Smile! Everywhere! Is always! Everybody

Step ten.

Do it daily! Do not look for reasons for inaction and excuses. Get used to good!

And may the whole world with you celebrate the triumph of joy!

Especially for - Anton Lazarchenko

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