How to overcome a sense of selflessness

You are sitting alone in the room. Coldly. You feel that in the whole world there is not one truly native soul. I want to be wrapped in a blanket, curl up and become a little girl from that distant childhood, when you didn’t have to decide anything when you were loved just because you are, so direct and funny, when you didn’t tear your heart apart intolerable thoughts of loneliness. You are hiding in your world, because when you go out, it becomes even more painful. Everyone is in a hurry, in a hurry, absorbed in their thoughts, and nobody cares about you. And then you ask yourself the question: Why?

Reason 1. Inferiority complex

If the feeling of being useless is your constant or recurring companion, probably its source is in your deep childhood. Sometimes parents dissatisfied with children (not because children are bad, but simply parents are dissatisfied with everything around them), they say to a child that he is preventing them from living, attaining career heights or material well-being. We sincerely believe in parents. Who else but they will tell us the truth? And we see ourselves as they see it. We feel like losers, if they say so, fat and ugly, if in their eyes we are so incapable of anything, compared to other children. It is very difficult to live with it. The fragile baby soul stays with you forever and cries, feeling itself worthless and unnecessary. And it does not pass without a trace. Remembering that hurts. But remember, cry and forgive them!

What to do?

To get out of this situation, you need to learn to separate yourself from the opinions of others. Just draw a line between yourself and other people's words. Their words are their words, they live in them; to you as others' words have nothing to do. Do not take them and do not let in yourself! According to the laws of psychology, the word spoken by man by his subconscious mind is perceived only as an attitude toward himself. Do you understand? Only your words and thoughts are related to you. Only they are really important!

Remember that you are a divine essence. The world needs you, because there is simply no unnecessary thing in the world, everything here matters. Stop and feel the radiance of Light in yourself, hear the sound of Love! Your highest destiny is to reveal this Love in yourself, manifest it and shed it into the Universe.

Reason 2. Selfishness and self-pity

Your sense of uselessness can flow from excessive self-love with the complete oblivion of other people. If you want the whole world to revolve around you, dwell only on your needs and begin to feel sorry for yourself and blame everyone for the fact that no one appreciates you, does not notice or kisses pens, just realize what your Ego says! Behind the wall of your requirements for others, you just stop hearing them, understand their feelings and emotions. But loved ones need you as much as you need them. Realize how difficult it is for them without your warmth, participation, care!

What to do?

Reach out! Just do something for someone, not expecting anything in return. Give another sparkle of your love! After all, you would also like this! Do you remember the golden rule? Do to others the way you would like them to do to you. And do not expect that someone will come and love you, and then in return and you will respond to this warmth. Don't expect anything at all! Do it yourself! Create, create, give, bring light! This is your benefit, this is what you wake up for every morning. Need you That is why it is needed! Much and everyone!

And finally, become necessary to yourself!

If you search for answers to your questions outside, you will have to constantly move in a circle. When you feel unnecessary and try to find support, protection in the outside world, you create a dependency. Nothing is forever in this world. Tomorrow you can lose this support and re-enter the world in search of a new one. Therefore, look for support within yourself, look for your point of balance, look for the realization that you are initially complete and perfect. And stop harassing yourself and those around you with complaints and demands of love. Give yourself love yourself. Learn to take care of yourself, give yourself attention and warmth. Become needed by yourself!

And finally take responsibility for your life. Do not wait for someone to come and solve your problems for you. Taking responsibility for your own feelings, thoughts, words and actions, you will stop breaking mirrors - blame other people for your troubles, who are only your reflection, and you will start looking for the source of Love and energy within you. Having found it, you will cease to feel your uselessness. You will see your way and understand how great, important and unique it is!

Need you

Especially for - Katerina

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